white beans

Homemade White Beans With Smoked Sausages-traditional dish!!!


Today I’ve decided to present the way I prepare this kind of traditional dish – earthenware white beans combined with smoked sausages.

It is one of those dishes that overwhelms all your senses with its extraordinary taste and aroma.

There are many ways of beans preparation but today I am revealing the secret of my kind of preparation.

So, let’s spill the beans!



white beans


500gr. raw kidney white beans

500gr. onion

300gr. smoked sausages

Cooking oil


Black pepper

1 tbsp dried mint

1 tbsp chili powder



First, wash the white beans, put into water and put them aside for 2-3 hours.

Put the beans into a pot and boil at low temperature.

I must say the period of boiling cannot be specified, and it all depends on the kind of beans themselves.

You can easily find that beans are already boiled through their look which becomes obvious.

Just push the beans a little, and if it is all soft, there is no doubt. The beans are ready.

white beans

I would also emphasize that in case you use canned beans you’ll need less time to prepare than usual.

When the beans are boiled put them into a large earthenware dish.

Cut the onion into fine pieces aside, and fry it at low temperature until it becomes red.

Fry the smoked sausages into some cooking oil for a while so that they also become red.

You can also grill the sausages and it is all optional.


Put the chili powder when the onion is ready and put it all immediately onto the boiled beans.

Add some salt and black pepper, then rub some mint with your own hands, and put it all onto the beans.

Mix it all well, and arrange the fried/grilled sausages on it.

Put the earthenware dish into oven at 180-200 C so that all aromas conjoin together.

After 40 minutes, you can serve your earthenware beans combined with sausages at your dinner table.

Also serve some season salad as an addition.

white beans

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