Veal Cutlets & Onion Sauce

Veal Cutlets & Onion Sauce Recipe !!!


Veal cutlets & onion sauce represent a real pleasure and enjoyment if you truly are a meat lover, in this case a veal lover.

The quantity of meat you can choose on your own, depending on the number of persons you prepare for. Today I’m preparing this recipe for four adult persons, and therefore I choose the following quantity.

Veal Cutlets & Onion Sauce


Ingredients you need to prepare veal cutlets & onion sauce:

800 gr. veal cutlets

10 small bulbs of onion

5 cloves of garlic

3 tablespoons regular white flour

Dried rosemary

Dried oregano

Dried mint


Black pepper

Preparation of veal cutlets & onion sauce:

First, wash veal well, and put aside to strain.

Then, use meat tenderizer so that all veal cutlets become thinner, which saves time, so that you’ll prepare veal cutlets quickly.

Veal Cutlets & Onion Sauce

Add salt and black pepper when veal cutlets are already thinner, and then roll them into a regular white flour.

Put veal cutlets into a preheated cooking oil, and deep-fry for a while so that they become brown.

Cut onion finely using cutting board, until veal cutlets are still deep-frying.

Arrange veal cutlets onto a plate aside, when they are completely brown from their both sides.

Deep-fry onion to soften for a while into the same cooking oil into which cutlets were frying, and finally add white flour into it.

Fry the flour as well, stir continually, and then add water when it fries completely.

Then, put back veal cutlets one after another so that they steam with the onion sauce, and then decrease the cooking temperature.

Add spices, and you can also add some more salt and black pepper, which is all optional.

Steam veal cutlets into the onion sauce, until they soften completely.

Veal Cutlets & Onion Sauce

If onion sauce is thick, just add 1-2 tablespoons sour cream, so that it dissolves a little.

At the end, arrange both veal cutlets and onion sauce onto a dinner plate, and put finely chopped fresh parsley.

Enjoy your meal !

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