bone broth

Veal Bone Broth For Better Health !!!

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Veal bone broth is not only delicious, but also healthy, and considered as natural antibiotic.

bone broth

Homemade bone broth regenerates human’s weary wrists with its nutritious ingredients and high percent of proteins.

Although bone broth recipe seems quite simple, the process of preparation will take longer, since bones themselves need more time to boil.

Nevertheless, the final product you get really satisfies all your senses.

Ingredients you need to prepare veal bone broth:

2-3 veal bones








Black pepper


bone broth

Preparation of veal bone broth:

At the beginning, I would recommend you choose veal bones that also have some meat on them when buying.

I wouldn’t say it makes broth’s taste better, since bones themselves are equally tasteful, but simply broth looks much better with bones containing into it.

Wash bones into lukewarm water and boil at low temperature approximately 4 to 6 hours. Also add 2 tablespoons vinegar into the water into which you boil the bones.

Check if bones are boiled well occasionally.

When ready, strain water into which you’ve boiled the bones, because it is possible that some small pieces of bones remained into it.

Put boiled bones aside to cool down for a while and remove the meat.

Cut potatoes and some of the carrots into small cubes, and grate the rest of the carrots.

Chop all vegetables and add into the broth.

I didn’t mention the quantity of vegetables intentionally, because it all depends on the quantity of broth you want to prepare.

You can also add or exclude some of the vegetables. It is all on your own.

The choice is yours. Adjust broth just to your liking.

Put boiling pot again so that vegetables you’ve added can also boil.

At the end, add finely chopped parsley.


With only one plate of bone broth consumed, you’ve protected organism from many diseases and you’ve strengthened its immunity.

bone broth

Its taste?

What can I say? Just perfect!

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