food remains

Use your food remains and create a perfect meal !!!


Food remains you have in your fridge are staying for couple of days, and sometimes you might not have an idea how to use them.

Today I’m suggesting you the way I prefer to make some perfect meal with all ingredients that had left in my fridge.

This way you get some fresh meal that tastes really good.

food remainsIngredients you plan to use are various and depend much on the content of those ingredients that had left unused.

In this case much of your creativity would also help, and the thing I’m suggesting today would be just an idea that can be quite useful.

Just remember using ingredients that won’t harsh your health when process them repeatedly.

Ingredients you need to prepare food remains:

– fresh potatoes

– beef, chicken (depends on what food you have that had left previously)

– thin sliced marinated mushrooms

– butter

– 2 tablespoons flour

– 1 L. milk (depends on the quantity of milk you’d like to prepare)

pork chops– tomato purée

– diced smoked bacon

– some cloves of garlic

– yellow cheese

– salt

– black pepper

– dried oregano

– fresh parsley

– parmesan

Preparation of food remains:

First, peel potatoes, slice them thinly creating crisps, and put into salted water to steam for approximately 15 minutes after water is boiled.

Then, melt some butter into a pot while potatoes are boiling.

Put some flour to sauté, when butter is melted, and then pour with milk.

In this way you create some béchamel sauce which simmers.

Put some salt, black pepper and parmesan, as well as other spices you like, and boil until it becomes thick, but make sure it does not turn that much thick.

Put it all aside.

food remainsArrange potatoes in a rugged position into the roasting tray.

Put the meat onto potatoes, the mushrooms, and also put finely cut garlic and smoked bacon.

Put all spices, salt, black pepper, oregano and finely cut parsley into tomato purée.

Stir tomato purée and pour into the tray into which you’ll roast all food remains.

Cover it with thin slices of yellow cheese, and then pour béchamel sauce.

Roast at 200 C, and then decrease to 180 C around 30-40 minutes.

The meal you have created can be served warm or cold with some salad as an addition and a glass of fine white wine.

The taste of the meal will really surprise you, and no one but you will be aware that it is actually prepared out of food remains.

Bon appétit!

food remains


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