Traditional Pasta Salad

Traditional Pasta Salad Combined With Chicken !!!


Traditional pasta salad combined with chicken I am presenting you today is an excellent choice for your upcoming snack.

This recipe fits perfectly into your menu in situations where you don’t have a clue what delicious food to prepare for your beloved ones.

Traditional Pasta Salad

I called this recipe traditional since it has been prepared at my house for many years ago, and therefore it deserves such epithet.

The preparation of such recipe won’t take much of your free time, and for return you also get some fine piece of delicious food.

Ingredients you need to prepare Traditional Pasta Salad :

500 gr. pasta (the kind of pasta is optional)

500 gr. chicken steaks

200 gr mushrooms

1 carrot

1 bulb of onion

300 gr tomato sauce

Some fresh basil leaves


Black pepper

Preparation of Traditional Pasta Salad :

Traditional Pasta Salad

First, put pasta into boiled water, into which you’ve previously put some olive oil.

Strain pasta for ten minutes, when it is ready, so that it releases the surplus of water.

Cut both onion and carrot finely, while pasta is straining. Then, fry onion and carrot into preheated olive oil.

Chop chicken steaks into small cubes, and then add them to the fried onion and carrot, so that chicken itself becomes brown.

Cut mushrooms into thin slices and also add when the chicken steaks are already brown.

Although this recipe is prepared quickly, your position must be near the stove all the time, because you need to stir the ingredients.

While frying, mushrooms themselves release some of their juice that helps chicken boils well, but you can also add some water it case it requires.

When mushroom juice boils down, add tomato sauce, and boil it additionally at low temperature for approximately ten minutes.

Cut fresh basil leaves finely (you can also use dried basil leaves), and add to the sauce along with some salt and black pepper.

Finally, serve pasta onto a dinner plate when it is ready, and then pour the finest chicken & mushrooms topping on it.

Have a nice meal!

Traditional Pasta Salad

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