Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs !!!

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Due to their nutritional value, including eggs in your menu is an important matter, mostly because they contain many beneficial ingredients that positively affect on our health.


Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs :


   1. As a source of protein, an egg fully replaces a meat, moreover it has also a higher biological value. It is relatively low calorie value and easily digestible. It is prepared in many ways.


   2. The performance of the egg as a healthy food had lost its luster when it established a link between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

As a rich source of cholesterol, the egg is declared “bad food product”, which should be avoided.

However, numerous studies have denied these views and confirmed that eggs are an important source of nutrients necessary for optimum health.


Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs


  3. What really raises the level of cholesterol in blood are saturated fats and trans fatty acids.

In contrast to the earlier understanding that too much consumption of eggs may lead to a heart attack, it just prevented it, because of preventing the formation of a blood clot.

Lecithin in the egg yolk contains choline compound, which has a role in the development of the brain and memory.


   4. One large egg, weighing about 60 grams, has an energy value of 75 kilocalories (kcal) and provides about six grams of fat and 6.25 grams of protein (about half comes from egg whites).


Top 6 Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs


  5. Eggs are easily digestible, and their biological utilization (efficiency with which the protein is used for growth) is 93.7 percent, compared to 84.5 percent for milk and 74.3 percent for beef.


   6. Prevents heart disease, cancer and eye diseases, and helps in weight loss!



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