Top 3 Ideas For Ganache That Glazes Your Desserts


I must agree that sometimes the perfectly done decoration of your dessert is more important than the taste of the dessert itself.

It is said that people experience the food with their eyes at first, and then they taste it into their stomachs.

Today I suggest we get acknowledge with 3 different ways of ganache glazes and creams for your dessert.

To make people impressed, the top part of any dessert must be perfectly prepared, so let’s start!


1. Starch powder ganache for fruit desserts!!!

250ml. fruit juice

25gr. starch powder

30gr. sugar

Mix the starch powder into cold fruit juice, but be careful not to make any crumbs into it.

Boil the rest of the juice with sugar.

Put aside when it boils well, and add the starch powder.

Boil it for a while again until the glaze becomes thick.

Pour the glaze onto the fruit dessert equally, when it all gets cool.


2. Fine chocolate ganache!!!

150gr. powdered sugar

100gr. dark chocolate

5 tbsp milk

1 tbsp butter

Melt the chocolate and the butter at hot steam.

Add milk when it all melts, and then add the powdered sugar.

Mix all ingredients well to get consistent mixture.

Pour the dessert with it, while the glaze is still warm.


3. Butter & Vanilla ganache !!!

500ml. milk

4 tbsp flour

250gr. butter

250gr. powdered sugar


Mix the flour into some of the cold milk, and put the rest of the milk to boil.

Add the mixed flour into the boiled milk, with stirring continually so that all mixture remains with no crumbs into it.

Put aside to get cool, when it all becomes thick.

Mix the butter to get some foam with the sugar and vanilla added into it.


Add the milk spoon by spoon with the food mixer continually switched on.

Mix it all further until the mixture becomes consistent itself.

This glaze may take some more of your time, but it surely gives back some wonderful taste of all your desserts.

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