Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs

Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs !!!


Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs is one of those recipes that will always be present at your weekly menu.

An extraordinary recipe, which taste evokes all human senses.

Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs



The preparation of this meal is according to my friend’s recipe, which I started preparing long time ago.

Just try it and its taste will make you feel amazed.

Ingredients for Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs :

300 gr. ground meat

150 ml. tomato sauce

Around 2 L water

1 egg

bulb of onion

1 cup of rice

A piece of stale bread

5 tablespoons bread crumbs

2 tablespoons flour

Cooking oil


Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs

black pepper

dried peppermint

dried oregano

some garlic powder

2-3 laurel leaves

Preparation of Tomato sauce recipe for meatballs :

First, put ground meat into a bowl, and then add the egg, bread crumbs, rice, finely cut onion, bread, salt and black pepper.

Stir all ingredients well until you get a conjoined mixture.

Then, create some small meat balls and then shape them using your own hand.

Choose the meat balls volume as you like it. I usually prepare 10 meat balls out of such quantity.

Put around 2 L water into a pot, add the tomato sauce, and boil water at medium temperature.

Drop each meat ball one by one when water and tomato sauce are boiled.

Then, boil meat balls into it for approximately 40 minutes until rice they contain becomes completely boiled.

meatball recipe

Preheat cooking oil into frying pan, fry the flour for a while, and pour into the water where you’ve boiled the meat balls.

Add some salt and rest of the spices if required.

Finally, boil entire mixture for a while, and then put aside.

Bon appétit!

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