The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes

The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes !!!


The best cheese breaded croquettes is a recipe that you’ll immediately like at first taste.

They are great to be serve as a snack when you have friends at your house, moreover your kinfolks will love them too.

The preparation is quick and easy, so you can serve it at your dining table for a quite short period.

You can combine this recipe in many different ways, in terms of adding ingredients and spices just to your own liking.

The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes

Ingredients for The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes :

500 gr. hard cheese (type of hard cheese is optional)

4 eggs

5 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Salt (optional)

Black pepper

Garlic powder

You can also choose:

finely cut parsley

some dried oregano

some dried basil

Preparation of The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes :

First, grate the hard cheese.

Then, whisk eggs well into a large bowl, and add all spices you’ve chosen to use in this recipe.

Stir well, and then add the cheese.

Shape the croquettes using spoon, roll them into breadcrumbs, and finally fry them into preheated cooking oil at medium temperature, until they become brown.

Serve with a season salad, or combine with some spread or freshly baked bread and rolls.

The Best Cheese Breaded Croquettes

Enjoy your meal!

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