Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs

This Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs is one of my favorite recipes! It’s super easy, and extremely tasty.

Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs

I bet that you will do it right now or write it, because this recipe is a complete goal.

For its preparation, a little bit of ingredients are needed, and believe me that it is a great breakfast idea for your loved ones.

It is so easy and anyone can make it.

Ingredients for Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs:

2 cups flour


1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp sugar

1 cup lukewarm water

500 ml of yogurt

4 eggs

Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs

Preparation of Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs :

Make dough from flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar and allow it to increase its volume.

Aside in another bowl, scrub eggs, add yogurt and mix well the whole mixture.

When the dough is ready, divide it into two parts and twist it into the two corns. One larger than the pan in which you will bake this Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs.

Place the mixture of eggs and yogurt on the dough, then cover with the other crust and wrap the remaining parts in the bark .

Bake on a heated oven about 40-45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Who would have thought that such a simple easy recipe could be so good?

Easy Pie With Yogurt And Eggs

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Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

Today I would like to present the Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie recipe as an ideal drink during such hot summer days.

Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

The quantity of such recipe I’m presenting today is for 4 persons.

You just experiment with the quantity of ingredients according to the thickness of the smoothie you prefer.

To get some really refreshing smoothie you have to cool down well all ingredients you’ll use.

Ingredients for Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie :

2 fresh cucumbers

4 glasses Greek yogurt

Some garlic powder

Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie


black pepper

some dill

a few olive oil drops (optional)

Preparation of Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie :

First, chop previously refrigerated fresh cucumbers by making big cucumber pieces, and add some salt, black pepper, garlic powder and dill.

Leave the spiced cucumbers aside for a few minutes, and blend them until you get some thick mush.

When cucumbers are blended well, add the previously cooled down yogurt and blend it well again for a while.

Finally, pour such prepared smoothie in 4 glasses.

Such drink is combined in many ways of food preparation for example the phyllo pie.


Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

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Kefir Is the Healthiest Dairy Product

Kefir is the healthiest dairy product that you can easily prepare at home.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

The therapeutic properties of kefir stem come from the micro-flora of kefir grains. Not only for easy digestibility and supporting appetite, it is also used as a remedy for convalescents and debilitated people.

It is consumed in fairly large quantities, from 1 to 1.5 liters per day. The kefir especially contains a lot of vitamin B, which creates yeast.

The digestibility is larger than of milk. Kefir is considered excellent nutrient remedy for infants and children with poor digestion, lazy digestion and even when they feel bad.


Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

Kefir is also used against stomach diseases and intestines, acute liver inflammation, kidney disease, skin diseases, TB, cancer, constipation, anemia, allergies and asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and is good for children as substitute for milk.

Kefir also perfectly quenches thirst.

The traditional way of producing kefir is possible at home because it is very simple. In such production, kefir grains are used as starter cultures.

The procedure is as following: the pasteurized milk and cooled to 20 ° C are added to kefir grains, furthermore it is incubated until milk does not clot, and it is usually performed 24 hours at 22 ° C.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

After incubation, kefir grains are squeezed through a plastic strainer and separated from the rest of the amount of milk.

Separated kefir grains are rinsed with cold water. After rinsing and control, grain is transferred again to the amount of milk so that it starts a new fermentation process and the entire process is also repeated every 24 hours.

It is less bacteria proliferating at temperature lower than 20 ° C, becomes dominant fungi and creates more alcohol and carbon dioxide, but less lactic acid.

It is the best to make kefir in a sealed glass jar at room temperature. We should pay special attention to hygiene accessories used.

Prepare kefir and have a healthy, nutritious and refreshing drink.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

Note :

-While consuming, do not use metal spoons and strainer.

-Kefir is propagated, and it is the best to give away propagated fungus to everyone who needs it.

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homemade fruit yogurt

The passion of homemade fruit yogurt started the moment I decided to prepare some for the first time.

Before making it for the first time at home, I wasn’t a kind of fruit yogurt lover, but now I and my kids really adore it.

It is easy when people go to the store and simply buy it, but the moment I prepare it on my own, I won’t buy fruit yogurt any more.

What can I say?

homemade fruit yogurt

Homemade fruit yogurt is the real thing, moreover it is far cheaper.

Save your money and try to prepare this extraordinary drink.

The recipe goes this way:

Ingredients you need for homemade fruit yogurt:

2 cups of fruit (the choice of fruit is optional)

2 cups of milk

1 package instant pudding

10 tablespoons brown sugar

4 cups Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon chia seeds

Preparation of homemade fruit yogurt:

The preparation of fruit yogurt starts with pudding preparation.

If you use a package of instant pudding, then milk must be boiled.

Dissolve both pudding and sugar into a few tablespoons of milk, and keep adding boiled milk with stirring continually. Put pudding aside to cool down, but only after you’ve add some chia seeds into it.

homemade fruit yogurt

If you use instant pudding, then its quantity must be 2 cups.

It is all up to you. The choice is yours.

Also choose the flavor of pudding on your own. I must say I often use vanilla pudding.

The next step in this recipe is fruit preparation.

Choose your own favorite fruit: raspberry, bramble, strawberry, peach, banana, whatever. I always use some season fruit.

Blend fruit into small pieces a little bit, then put into a bowl and boil it for a while, so that it releases some of the juice it contains.

Put such prepared fruit into pudding, mix all well, then add yogurt and stir continually so that entire mixture conjoins well.

Refrigerate such prepared fruit yogurt for at least an hour or two, and then serve into a decorated glass.

homemade fruit yogurt


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Best Recipe For Quiche

Best Recipe For Quiche is one of those low-cost recipes that are always welcomed since they are suitable for people’s family budget.

The other good reason to prepare the recipe is that you use the stale bread you have at your kitchen in a quite interesting and delicious way.

Best Recipe For Quiche

Its preparation can also include or exclude many ingredients, but nevertheless you get some perfect taste at the end.

Ingredients for Best Recipe For Quiche :

6 slices stale bread

5 eggs

1 medium sized grated zucchini

100 ml. yogurt

3 cloves of garlic

Mozzarella cheese (the quantity is optional)


black pepper

dried oregano

Best Recipe For Quiche

Preparation of Best Recipe For Quiche :

First, grate zucchini into a large bowl, sprinkle some salt, and put aside for a while so that it releases the juice it contains, and finally strain well.

Then, add zucchini some bread that is cut into small cubes.

Whisk eggs into another bowl, add yogurt, and pour such whisked eggs into the bowl with bread and zucchini.

Put some black pepper, finely cut mozzarella cheese, pressed garlic and oregano.

Stir entire mixture, so that it conjoins well.

Preheat some cooking oil into a frying pan at medium temperature.

Pour the mixture into the frying pan when cooking oil is heated, but make sure you’ve spread it equally.

Fry the bottom side of the mixture, and then overturn it into another frying pan, so that the other side of the mixture fries as well.

If you don’t have two equal frying pans on disposal, you can just put mixture into a plate, and then fry the other side into the same frying pan.

Serve some salad as an addition to this stale bread quiche.

Enjoy your meal!

Best Recipe For Quiche

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Gluten free Breakfast Muffins

Gluten free breakfast muffins with mozzarella cheese recipe has been available in my menu for almost few decades.

I always remember my mother would prepare it at our home, with us consuming it delightfully.

Gluten free Breakfast Muffins

It is great for breakfast, and also for easy dinner, and as a snack when friends are coming at your house.

I recommend you try it, because I am sure its taste will fascinate you.

There are really no words to describe its unique taste.

This recipe is one of those recipes where you can easily experiment with, by adding your favorite ingredients – bacon, mushrooms, ham, pickles etc.

You can also add various spices such as oregano, bay leaves, and all spices you really like.

It is also beneficial that its preparation is quite easy and quick, and won’t take much of your free time.

So, let’s start!

Ingredients for Gluten free Breakfast Muffins :

250 gr. corn flour

5 tablespoons rye flour

5 tablespoons buckwheat flour

250 ml. yogurt

Gluten free Breakfast Muffins

250 ml. cooking oil

4 eggs

1 baking powder

Around 150 gr. mozzarella cheese

Preparation of Gluten free Breakfast Muffins :

First, put dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Put eggs into another bowl, and whisk them so that they become creamy.

Add both cooking oil and yogurt after you’ve already whisked the eggs.

Stir well, and then add the dry ingredients – spoon after spoon with stirring continually.

Stir entire mixture well again.

Then, grease muffins tray with butter.

Pour some of the corn flour mixture into each muffin cup so that it reaches half of the cup, and then drop a cube of mozzarella cheese, and corn flour mixture once again.

If such procedure takes much of your time, you can just conjoin the mixture and mozzarella cheese together, and fill the muffin cups in this way.

It is all on your own.

Finally, bake at 180-200 C for about 35-40 minutes.

Gluten free Breakfast Muffins

The recipe I am presenting you today serves as a base that you need to prepare the muffins, but you can also adapt it on your own, with using your favorite ingredients additionally.

Bon appétit!

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Healthy Pizza Recipe

Healthy Pizza Recipe is the real choice when you want to try something easy,healthy, but quite tasty at the same time.

Today I’ve decided to present the way I prepare such kind of healthy pizza.

In this Healthy Pizza Recipe you can use various kinds of vegetables, just evoke your imagination and prepare something healthy but also delicious.

Healthy Pizza Recipe


The period of preparation of this recipe takes little longer as usual, since healthy pizza is prepared with raw, unprocessed ingredients.

Ingredients you need to prepare the Healthy Pizza Recipe dough:

300 gr. flour

150 ml. yogurt

½ teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons cooking oil

A pinch of sugar

Baking powder

Preparation of Healthy Pizza Recipe dough:

First, complete all dried ingredients and mix well.

Then, add both yogurt and cooking oil, and knead the dough well.

Healthy Pizza Recipe

Shape small dough balls, and stretch them with a rolling pin in order to get the necessary thickness and volume of the dough.

Grease pizza baking tray with a cooking oil and sprinkle it with some flour.

Bake the dough into oven around 7-8 minutes at 220 C.

Take the dough out of the oven after it is ready, and put all remaining products that are used for pizza preparation.

Ingredients you need to prepare Healthy Pizza Recipe:

300 gr. boiled broccoli

2 boiled carrots

100 gr. boiled spinach

100 gr. boiled corn

Homemade ketchup – to coat the pizza

Mustard – optional

200 gr. mozzarella cheese


Black pepper




Healthy Pizza Recipe

First, wash spinach well, cut it finely, and boil it together with the broccoli.

Cut the carrots aside into small rounds, and add them to the corn in case you use a raw corn.

Coat the pizza dough with homemade ketchup when the dough has already baked. Today I’ve mixed ketchup and mustard together.

Arrange the top of the pizza with the vegetables you’ve previously prepared after you’ve coat the pizza.

Add pieces of mozzarella cheese in addition to vegetables, then add a few olives, and sprinkle it all with oregano.

Put pizza back into the oven, and bake for a while so that mozzarella cheese melts well.

This is the choice of vegetables I’ve made for today. If you have your own vegetables, don’t hesitate to combine, add or shorten various products.

Enjoy your meal!

Healthy Pizza Recipe

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Salty Donuts

Salty donuts serve as an ideal choice when you don’t have much time and want to prepare something quickly, and something that won’t cost much.

Believe it or not, the entire process of dough preparation needed for salty donuts won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Salty Donuts

Salty donuts are just ideal for various kinds of mini sandwiches, which you can combine with ham, parmesan, salad etc. They are also consumed with yogurt, or sour cream as an addition. Simply, choose whatever you want.

You can use the same dough to prepare a sweet variant of such donuts, with adding some less salt, but some more sugar.

That’s it. You can also consume with marmalade, nutella, or donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Choice is on your own.

Ingredients for Salty Donuts :

1 cup of yogurt

2 cups of flour

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 tablespoon cooking oil

1 egg

Baking powder

Preparation of Salty Donuts :

It’s simple as it is.

First, put all ingredients into a bowl and knead a dough.

The dough itself is sticky, so use a tablespoon to stir it well easily.

When dough is processed well, prepare it for deep-frying.

Put cooking oil to preheat at medium temperature.

Prepare one tablespoon and one teaspoon.

Scoop some quantity of the dough with a teaspoon, and using tablespoon enable dough so that it falls directly into the preheated cooking oil.

If this procedures goes hard for you, add dough some more flour, and shape it with your own hand.

Choose the way it’s easier for you, although the procedure that includes soft dough is not that much complicated.

When donuts are fried from the bottom side, turn upside down and fry the top side as well.

Then, put deep-fried salty donuts onto some paper napkin, to dismount the surplus of oil.

Entire procedure of deep-frying lasts approximately half an hour, just in time to prepare your additions.

Salty Donuts

Enjoy your meal!


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apple tart

Apple tart is one of those desserts you easily consume during hot summer days.

It is easy to prepare, and does not take much of your free time.

I want to emphasize that such dessert can be also prepared with different types of fruit, but today I choose to prepare with apples.

apple tart

Ingredients you need to prepare the dough for Apple Tart :

4 eggs

1 cup sugar

1 cup cooking oil

2 cups flour

1 cup yogurt

Baking powder

Dough preparation:

First, divide egg yolks from egg whites, put whites into a bowl, add sugar, and mix it all with food mixer.

When whites have already became consistent, add yolks into the same bowl and keep mixing.

Then, add yogurt, cooking oil, and previously mixed flour and cooking powder at the end.

Pour half of the mixture into a baking tray, when it all conjoins.

Bake at 180 C for a while so that a tiny crust forms at the top of the mixture.

Prepare filling until the dough is ready.

Ingredients you need to prepare the filling for Apple Tart :

1kg. grated apples

2 tablespoons butter

2-3 tablespoons bread crumps

Quantity of sugar (optional)

Powdered sugar (to sprinkle at the end)

Filling preparation:

First, grate apples and fry for a while along with sugar and butter.

Keep apples on fire for a while, until apple juice disappears a little.

Add bread crumps into it to absorb the juice coming out of the apples.

When ready, pour filling onto the first half of the dough which top we’ve already baked a little.

Then, pour the rest of the filing onto the second half of the dough, and put back into the oven so that crumpet itself bakes completely.

apple tart

Bake for additional 40 minutes into the preheated oven.

Finally, sprinkle entire crumpet with powdered sugar when dough is ready, and cut into dessert cubes.

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