Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs

If you are in rush at the morning and you do not have much time to prepare your breakfast, then this recipe for Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs is a great solution for you.

This is a quick and easy way to prepare asparagus.

The amount of ingredients depends on for how many people you will prepare this delicious breakfast and this amount is sufficient for two people.

Also with this recipe you can experiment and add the ingredients that you want.

Ingredients for Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs :

4-5 asparagus sticks

4 eggs

Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs

50 gr cheese



butter or cooking oil


dry tomatoes

(to taste: bacon, various spices, mushrooms, etc.)

Preparation of Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs :

Cut asparagus 1 cm in size and place them in boiling water while softening, for a few minutes.

Drain them from the water and let them cool down.

In a bowl with a fork, rub the eggs, add the cheese cut into small cubes and also cooled asparagus.

Add salt to taste, oregano and dry tomatoes.

Place the butter in a pan and heat it. Add the mixture and fry it on both sides.

Healthy And Quick Breakfast With Asparagus And Eggs

Good appetite !

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Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza

Don`t be confused with the name of this Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza, because this pizza has a really unique taste.

Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza

Make sure you have to try this recipe even if you have the most delicate taste. Its content is not composed of countless groceries that we are accustomed to in classical pizza, it is simple – yet unique.

Of course, the spices gives a fantastic-aromatic note here and they have the most important role. It’s better if the spices are fresh, but if you do not have it at the moment , it’s also great with dry spices.

Ingredients for Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza :

300 gr. flour

150 ml. lukewarm water

1 tablespoon dry yeast

2 tablespoons olive oil



Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza

Preparation of Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza :

With all these ingredients knead soft dough and left to increase its volume. Once the dough is ready, divided it into eight balls and each ball spread with dough rolling pin.

Heat  the oven at 250 degrees Celsius, put the crust in a frying pan and bake it for about 5 minutes.

After they are baked, coat them with olive oil mixture with garlic and parmesan over each crust and cover them with the kitchen cloth to cool down.

olive oil

4-5 cloves garlic




Parmesan to taste

Put all ingredients in a bowl and add finely chopped garlic and parmesan, than add oil to get a homogeneous mixture.

You should make this mixure at least 30 minutes before.

Delicious, soft and aromatic !!!

Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza

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Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe

If you are bell peppers lover, then such Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe would turn out in a great idea.

It is not necessarily to mention how fresh salads consuming is pretty much healthy.

Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe

Such salad is proved to be a vitamin bomb for human organism.

The content of bell peppers tells pretty much about how such ingredient is one of the healthiest that ever existed.

It contains not only proteins and lards that are quite tasty and nutrient, but also some vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B and a large quantity of vitamin C.

It is also worth to mention that according to the latest scientific researches, bell peppers are good for diabetes, because of the small quantity of carbohydrates.

There are of course many more positive things speaking of bell peppers, therefore today I’m presenting the way I myself prepare bell peppers as a salad ingredient.

Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe

Ingredients for Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe :

200 gr. okras

3 medium size tomatoes

3 bell peppers

1 chili pepper (optional)

2-3 cloves of garlic

¼ cup of olive oil

2 tablespoons vinegar


Black pepper


Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe

Preparation of Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe :

The preparation of such salad starts with okras.

In case you use some bigger okras, you can chop them in pieces, and if you use some smaller okras just put them as they are.
There are certainly two ways of okra preparation. They can be boiled with a tablespoon of vinegar as an addition, or fried in some olive oil.

Choose whatever you like, you won’t regret it at all.

When okra preparation is finished, they are arranged in a plate in which salad will be served. Then, add the finely chopped bell peppers, potatoes and garlic as well.

I would also say that many more ingredients such as olives, cheese, chickpea or whatever, are also available and added in such salad.

Finally, sprinkle it all with some salt, black pepper, olive oil and oregano, and mix well.

Enjoy the unique taste of fantastic okra, tomatoes & bell peppers salad.

Fantastic Okra, Tomatoes & Bell Peppers Salad Recipe

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Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce

Festive pork chops with garlic sauce are a great choice for your upcoming holidays.

I’m sure you have tried many ways of chops preparation so far, but such recipe won’t be said as just one ordinary recipe like many of them.

It’s fantastic!

Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce

Ingredients for Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce :

800 gr. pork chops

200 ml. white wine

3 tablespoons butter

dried oregano


black pepper

Festive pork chops with garlic sauce

Sauce ingredients:

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons butter

6 cloves of garlic

wild thyme

1 teaspoon red pepper

black pepper


1 glass of water

Preparation of Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce :

The preparation of the recipe starts with tenderizing pork chops using meat tenderizer until they get soften.

Then, put butter in a pot, melt it, and then drop pork chops to stir-fry for a while until they get brown.

Pour white wine after pork chops got brown, add half of the water quantity, season and steam it all until the juice they contain steams completely.

Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce

Arrange each pork chop on a plate when they are ready, and start sauce preparing using the same pot.

Put some butter in it to melt for a while, and then add the finely cut garlic to stir-fry as well.

Add some flour when garlic is stir-fried, and at the end add some red pepper so that flour gets brown.

Add some lukewarm water gradually, after the garlic and flour are stir-fried, furthermore add some spices, and stew it so that sauce gets thicken.

Drop pork chops in the sauce before you remove it off the cooker, so that they absorb some of the sauce.

Pork chops must be taken out of the sauce approximately 5 minutes before the sauce is ready.

Serve each pork chop on a plate and pour some of the tasty sauce on it as a topping.

Such prepared pork chops are combined with many additions, such as potatoes, various kinds of cooked vegetables, or simply serve them just as you’ve prepared.

Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce




Enjoy the unique taste of Festive Pork Chops With Garlic Sauce.

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Royal Veal Goulash Recipe

Royal veal goulash recipe is a great recipe that can be prepared at home and something that will certainly amaze your kinfolks.

Royal Veal Goulash Recipe


The duration of time needed for preparation of such recipe is quite long, but believe me, each minute of its preparation is really worth to be spent on it.

The preparation goes this way:

Ingredients for Royal Veal Goulash Recipe :

700 gr. veal

500 gr. fresh mushrooms

1 kg onion

4 carrots

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons red pepper


Black pepper

1 teaspoon wild thyme

½ teaspoon dried oregano

Canned Meat

Preparation of Royal Veal Goulash Recipe :

First, prepare veal so that you chop it and boil it at low fire for approximately 2 hours until it cooks well at the end.

Also chop onion while meat is boiling, and deep-fry altogether with diced carrots in a great quantity of cooking oil.

Boil them until they become soft, and then add the thinly cut fresh mushrooms.

Pour entire mixture into the bowl with boiled veal, when the mushrooms are fried enough.

I would say that meat must be dipped by water about 2 cm when preparing.

Then, dissolve flour and red pepper in a half cup of water, after you add onions, mushrooms, and carrots, and also add dissolved flour and red pepper at the end.

Finally, add the other spices and stew goulash at low temperature so that flour and meat thick together.

This extraordinary veal goulash is served with fresh green salad and a glass of fine wine.

Royal Veal Goulash Recipe

Bon appétit!

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Ground Meat Piquant Pizza

Are you fed up with usual meals you prepare all the time? If yes, try to make a Ground Meat Piquant Pizza.

Ground Meat Piquant Pizza

Believe me, you won’t regret it since its tastes extraordinary, and I bet you’ll also surprise your kinfolks.

You can freely experiment with its ingredients, adjusting them to your own liking.

In case you don’t like much piquant food, just drop chili peppers and that’s it.

Let’s start the recipe!

Ingredients for Ground Meat Piquant Pizza :

Pizza dough

500 gr ground meat

1 bulb of onion

3-4 chili peppers

300 gr sautéed mushrooms

250 gr. parmesan

300 ml. tomato ketchup

Dried oregano


Black pepper

Garlic powder

Olive oil

Healthy Pizza Recipe

Preparation of Ground Meat Piquant Pizza :

First, stir-fry finely cut onion in a frying pan, and then add ground meat.

Add some salt, black pepper while meat is stir-frying, and also add some garlic powder.

When meat juice boils down completely, remove the pan aside to cool down for a while.

I would say that such meat quantity serves to prepare 3 medium sized pizzas.

Then, coat each dough pizza with a thick layer of tomato ketchup.

Arrange ground meat onto the pizza, and sprinkle it with parmesan.

To make things easier for you, feel free to add ketchup into the meat, mix it well, and fill pizza dough with such prepared meat mixture.

Arrange mushrooms and finely cut chili peppers as well, and sprinkle entire pizza with some dried oregano.

Finally, bake such prepared Ground Meat Piquant Pizza at 250 C for about 15 minutes.

Ground Meat Piquant Pizza

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