Healthy Dessert

Who says that you can`t prepare dessert with only 3 ingredients, and like so additionally be positive for your health? As a proof of this is the recipe I am writing for you today, which is: Healthy Dessert With Only 3 Ingredients .

Healthy Dessert

For a flavorsome vegan dessert I have not heard!

So many times I have prepared this recipe for the past month, which I have completely changed and adjusted the recipe for my needs.

The original recipe was 200 grams of dates, about 800 ml of water and lemon juice, but it was very diluted, the combination that I got over time is more appropriate for me and my family.

That is all!

Ingredients for Healthy Dessert :

200 gr. dates

water as much as to overflow them

lemon juice (or as needed)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

Healthy Dessert

Preparation of Healthy Dessert :

It is expressly done if you have a good blender. Just place the dates, water and lemon juice in a blender and blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.

If you are not in a hurry with the praparation, then dip the dates in warm water as much as to cover them and let them stay overnight.

The next day, remove them from the water, mix them well with a fork and then add the water and the lemon juice.

The amount of dates I adjusted according to my needs, the water is added as needed to overflow, and the lemon juice can be omitted, but a super flavor when is obtained with it.

If you want the cream to be thick and not liquid, then reduce the amount of water.

We use it for sweetening: in tea, coffee, like jam in pancakes and bread, or freeze it and you get a great ice cream – just as you wish. There is no sugar, but it is a real dessert with its sweetness.

Store Healthy Dessert in a refrigerator, in a glass jar.

Healthy Dessert

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Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

Having just finished its preparation, I’m deciding to present the strawberry marmalade recipe right now.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe


Extraordinary! Mmmmmm!

Try to prepare it as well, and let strawberry marmalade taste make your kids happy.

Ingredients for Strawberry Marmalade Recipe :

2 kg. fresh strawberries

750 gr. sugar

Lemon juice

Preparation of Strawberry Marmalade Recipe :

First, remove the stalks and wash strawberries well.

Arrange strawberries in a large pot, with several layers of them all covered with sugar.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

Then, pour the strawberries with lemon juice and also put another layer of sugar.

Close the pot with a lid, or cover it with cooking foil and refrigerate it for 24 hours.

During the period of 24 hours, the strawberries themselves are releasing the juice they contain, helping sugar to melt as well.

Next, blend strawberries and boil them at low temperature.

In case you don’t like much marmalade, then do not blend them at all, and simply you’ll get some perfectly prepared strawberry jam.

So, boil the strawberries for about 2 hours, with stirring it occasionally.

When strawberry marmalade is ready, remove the foam which appears during boiling, and put it into warmed jars at the end.

Finally, cover all jars with a towel until they cool down completely.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe


Bon appétit!

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chrono diet

Are you tired of constantly being disappointed when looking yourself in a mirror?

How many times have you decided so far to draw a red line and say: It’s enough now. I’m starting to care about my appearance.

– It’s about time to start a diet!

chrono diet

I’m sure you are already informed about many kinds of diets medias suggest, some of them really rigorous, others not, some workable, others also not.

Nevertheless, the most important matter is your own determination and persistence.

As beings inclinable to fattening, you’ve surely tried different kinds of diets, but in my view the best diet at the moment is the one that I’ve decided to share with you today, the chrono diet.

A chrono diet can’t be said a classic diet literally, but a kind of way of nutrition which enables weight loss.

Introduction and description of chrono diet

Chrono diet is divided in two periods:

1. Restrictive period

2. Post – restrictive period

Today I’m sharing the rules of chrono diet within the restrictive period.

chrono diet

Restrictive period

Restrictive period lasts for at least 28 days, until you reach the weight you personally require.

During this period, by obeying the rules, we completely clean our body of all so called toxics that are present in human body.

Within the period, which is the key period concerning such diet, there are several rules we must obey, so that the final effect of a diet becomes complete.

– Number one key factor is the duration of time in which we are going to consume our daily meals. So, the period between two daily meals must be 4 to 6 hours, but it would also be better if each meal is consumed 5 hours after the previous one.

– The day starts with a cup of herbal tea, or warm unsweetened lemonade. Breakfast is necessary and highly caloric, and the single meal that includes bread, but strictly chrono bread.

chrono diet


Chrono bread contains allowed types of flours such as rye, barley, buckwheat, and is made of baking powder instead of yeast which is usually used during the process of bread making.

– Do not use milk!

– Do not drink alcohol-except for red wine up to 4 glasses a week.

– Do not consume any fruit except for lemon, which is also important in cleaning toxics out of your body.

chrono diet

– Drink water, unsweetened herbal tea or lemon juice half an hour after each meal. Also you can consume plenty of such drinks as much as you can.

– Do not drink coffee before breakfast, but half an hour after the meal. It is actually recommended that you drink just two cups of coffee a day.

– When it comes to dairy products, a feta cheese is recommended to be consumed. Greek yogurt and sour cream are also allowed to be consumed 3-4 times a week.

chrono diet

Do not consume dairy products combined with eggs, except for some recipes that include eggs such as muffins, pies, pancakes etc., which undoubtedly must be seldom.


It is also not recommended mixing several dairy products at once. Namely, if you consume cheese for example, avoid combining sour cream and Greek yogurt with it.

It is worth to mention that milky butter is allowed to be consumed during restrictive period. It is concerned as lipid which combines with other dairy products.

– Pork, lamb and beef is consumed at lunch, with no exceptions, but chicken, turkey, or fish at dinner.

chrono diet

When it comes to processed meat, bacon, ham and smoked sausages are all allowed to be consumed, but it would be better if you try those one containing less additives such as homemade ones.

-Strictly avoid legumes and vegetables that contain starch such as beans, rice, lentil, peas, potatoes etc.


-Cereals are also allowed, except for corn snowflakes.

-Salads also perform the key role during all meals, especially at lunch and dinner. They must include olive oil, salt and lemon juice.

– Eggs can be consumed for breakfast, but when it comes to dinner, consuming egg whites is only recommended.

chrono diet

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Refreshing Fruit Juice

You need something refreshing after your long tiring day?

We have some ideal solution for you: refreshing fruit juice that you’ll really like at your first try.

Refreshing Fruit Juice

The preparation of such recipe is quite easy and simple, which believe me, in return you get a glass full of tasty healthy vitamins out of it.

Ingredients for Refreshing Fruit Juice :

800 gr. apples

500 gr. pumpkin

500 gr. carrots

Lemon juice (out of 2 lemons)

700 gr. sugar

4 liters of water

Refreshing Fruit Juice

Preparation of Refreshing Fruit Juice :

First, dice carrots, pumpkin and apples and put them all into a pot.

Pour some water so that it covers them, and boil at low temperature until they get soften.

When fruit gets soften, remove it from the pot using ladle, and blend them until you get some smooth thick fruit purée.

Do not waste water into which fruit was boiling, but add 4 liters water more, and finally add the sugar and the lemon juice.

Put back the pot onto the cooker again, and add blended fruit when water is boiled.

Refreshing Fruit Juice

Entire mixture must be boiled for approximately 15 minutes and nothing more.

Store fruit juice you’ve prepared into glass bottles and refrigerate it.

Using one dose of such recipe you get about 5 liters fruit juice.

Feel free to prepare a double dose, since one of it I’m sure won’t be enough for you.

The taste of the fruit juice and its color will amaze you at first try.


Refreshing Fruit Juice


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Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe

Homemade cream cheese recipe once you try, you’ll prepare it for more and more.

Its taste is perfect with almost no difference with the cream cheese you buy at markets, except that homemade cream cheese is far more tasteful.

You can use such prepared cream cheese as a spread, as an addition to many kinds of salads, and also for preparation of your favorite desserts.

Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe

The preparation of this recipe is quite simple and easy, so it won’t take much time if we exclude the period that milk and lemon need to ferment.

Ingredients for Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe :

2 liters milk (the type of milk is optional)

½ squeezed lemon

150 gr. butter


Preparation of Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe :

Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe

First, boil the milk, but make sure it only reaches around 45 degrees C.

Then, put milk aside, and add the squeezed lemon into it.

After putting lemon into the milk, you’ll immediately notice some small bubbles creating into it.

Stir it well and put the milk bowl aside so that it ferments for approximately 3 hours, and cools down well respectively.

Then, prepare some cotton gauze or a cotton towel, and strain the milk and lemon mixture through it.

The mixture must be strained well, and therefore it is put aside for a while.

Put butter into a bowl, and blend it until it turns into cream, and then add the milk and lemon mixture into it after it strained well.

Keep on blending, until both ingredients conjoin together into a consistent mixture.

Finally, refrigerate it when it is ready.

All above mentioned procedure is quite simple and easy.

I recommend you prepare this Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe, which I believe that its taste will make you feel amazed.

Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe

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breaded frog legs

Have you ever tried breaded frog legs prepared with beer mixture?

No? Believe me, it’s the right time to do it and you won’t regret it.

No meat tastes better as Breaded Frog Legs if you ask me.

Some may think of frog legs pretty much strange, and people really have doubts about their taste, but once you try you’ll immediately change your opinion.

breaded frog legs

Their taste reminds of a chicken meat, so that no one but real tasters can recognize they’ve actually tried something else than chicken.

Their taste is delicious. Once you try you’ll dare for more and more.


Ingredients you need to prepare breaded frog legs:

Around 1 kg frog legs

Around 2 cups regular white flour

2 eggs

1 squeezed lemon

1 tablespoon mustard

500 ml. beer


Black pepper

Preparation of breaded frog legs:

breaded frog legs

First, wash well frog legs and put aside to strain well.

Then, prepare the best breading mixture I often use to prepare when it comes to chicken meat breading.

Mix two eggs with a food mixer at highest level.

Decrease mixing speed when eggs increase their volume, and then add the liquid ingredients: beer, lemon juice and mustard.

Sprinkle with salt and black pepper, and add white flour spoon by spoon.

Keep mixing so that flour dissolves well, and make sure no flour nubbles remain into it.

Dip each frog leg into such prepared mixture, and then deep-fry into well preheated cooking oil at medium temperature.

Put deep-fried frog legs onto some paper napkin, so that they release the surplus of oil into which they’ve cooked.

breaded frog legs

Breaded frog legs fit perfectly with any kind of sauce, some creams, and also with many kinds of freshly prepared salads.

Have some glass of fine white wine with this extraordinary homemade snack.

Bon Appétit!

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homemade lemon juice

Perfect homemade lemon juice for hot summer days.

Summer is a season when our body requires as much as liquids, so with this recipe I’ve decided to share the way I deal with hotness.

homemade lemon juice


It is prepared with fresh lemons which you already all know how important they are for human’s health, so I won’t explain much further about the matter.

Homemade lemon juice is a cheap recipe that saves money and doesn’t threaten your home budget.

With only 4 lemons you can prepare 7 liters of homemade lemon juice which once you try, I’m sure you’ll prepare always.

Not just a lemon juice!!!

Ingredients for lemon juice:


4 lemons

700 gr. sugar

30 gr. lemon juice powder

7 L. water

Preparation of homemade lemon juice :

Put lemons into water, and add 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate.

Than put them aside at least an hour so that the peel disinfects itself.

After one hour, put lemons into blender and blend them.

homemade lemon juice

Do not remove the peel or the seeds from their inner.

Add 1.5l water, add lemon juice powder and stir it all well.

Refrigerate the bowl for 24 hours.

Next day, add the sugar and stir well so that it melts into the liquid.

When the sugar dissolves into the water, sieve the liquid so that it can separate from the mixture that ground lemons created.

Add 5.5 L. water into the sieved liquid and stir well again.

That’s all when it comes to lemonade preparation.

Put the lemonade into bottles and keep into refrigerator.

homemade lemon juice


I must mention that this recipe I have tried also with oranges and citrons, and I must emphasize that also with both this citrus fruits, its just fantastic.

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