Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

Today I would like to present the Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie recipe as an ideal drink during such hot summer days.

Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

The quantity of such recipe I’m presenting today is for 4 persons.

You just experiment with the quantity of ingredients according to the thickness of the smoothie you prefer.

To get some really refreshing smoothie you have to cool down well all ingredients you’ll use.

Ingredients for Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie :

2 fresh cucumbers

4 glasses Greek yogurt

Some garlic powder

Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie


black pepper

some dill

a few olive oil drops (optional)

Preparation of Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie :

First, chop previously refrigerated fresh cucumbers by making big cucumber pieces, and add some salt, black pepper, garlic powder and dill.

Leave the spiced cucumbers aside for a few minutes, and blend them until you get some thick mush.

When cucumbers are blended well, add the previously cooled down yogurt and blend it well again for a while.

Finally, pour such prepared smoothie in 4 glasses.

Such drink is combined in many ways of food preparation for example the phyllo pie.


Refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Smoothie

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Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

Pickled cucumbers recipe is the one I would like to share with you today.

I really can’t describe their taste, you’ll just have to try, and believe it or not, they’ll make you feel satisfied.

The quantity of the ingredients is meant for only one jar of pickled cucumbers, so you cannot prepare some great additional quantities.

Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

Ingredients you need to prepare a jar of Pickled Cucumbers Recipe:

50 ml. vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons sugar


Fresh onion cut into circles

Preparation of Pickled Cucumbers Recipe:

First, prepare jars that must be perfectly clear and disinfected.

Check well lids which must fit perfectly with the jars, so that cucumbers do not spoil.

Replace some lid with a new one if it does not fit well with the jar, it will cost you less money.

Then, wash cucumbers well, and put aside to strain well.

Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

I would emphasize that you choose the volume of the cucumbers on your own. I must say I prefer those little ones.

Full each jar with cucumbers, and cram them well into it.

Put some onion circles between cucumbers. The choice about quantity of onion you’ll make on your own.

Add also 5-6 peppercorns into each jar.

I’ve seen many people adding fresh dill, cloves of garlic, white mustard seeds when preparing this recipe, so if you prefer such additions, don’t hesitate to put them as well.

Put vinegar, salt and sugar into a large bowl, and then stir well so that salt and sugar dissolve well.

Full jars with such solution, and pour some fresh water into the jar space that remained available.

Shut lids well, and arrange jars into a large boiling pot.

Pour some water into the pot that will reach the top of the jars.

Boil it at low temperature, and leave jars into it approximately for an hour.

Finally, witch off cooker, and put aside jars to cool down for couple of hours.

Just try this recipe, and you’ll get some perfect homemade salad that won’t cost much, but is also excellent.

Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

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Who says that we have to travel to Greece to try some good gyro?

With this recipe you can prepare your own delicious gyro, just as you order in restaurants.

Although in several phases, its preparation is easy and won’t take much time, if you organize well.

1. First, we prepare the meat with the following ingredients:

-500 gr. fresh chicken breast

-1 tbsp curry powder

-1 tsp dried vegetables mix

-1 tbsp mustard

-salt and pepper

-50 ml. water

chicken breast

Wash the chicken breast and cut in thin slices.

Add the other spices and poach it well on low fire, to get the meat soften.

When the meat is ready, put the mustard as well.


2. All you need to prepare the dough for pita bread:

-500 gr. all-purpose flour

-150 ml. water

-100 ml. sour cream

-20 gr. baking powder



pita bread

Knead the dough with these ingredients and divide it into six balls.

Roll the dough balls with rolling pin in size of the baking tray.

pita bread4

Now you can grease the baking tray with cooking oil or butter and put them to roast at 200 degrees C around 10 minutes.


3. Prepare the topping with the following ingredients:

-300 ml. sour cream

-1 cucumber


-1 tbsp cooking oil

-dill and garlic  powder

gyro topping


For preparing the topping, grate the cucumber, add the cooking oil and the rest of the spices.

Finally, add the sour cream, stir it get all ingredients consistent and refrigerate.

4. In meantime, prepare French fries with 500 gr fried potatoes, while the meat is ready.

French Fries

When completing these procedures, it is time to stuff the gyro.

Take one pita bread, coat it with a thin layer of mustard, and roll it into cone.

Wrap the half of the cone with a napkin, and stuff the gyro.

Now its time to put several French fries, meat, French fries again and put the topping at the end.

Sprinkle it with dried oregano, and…


Bon Appétit!

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