Chicken breast with mushrooms and cheddar cheese recipe

Chicken breast

Chicken breast with mushrooms and cheddar cheese recipe that I’m proudly presenting you today is the most delicious meal I’ve tried recently. Chicken is my favorite meat, and combined with cheese…just extraordinary. It is also one of those recipes that are perfect to be experimented with additions and combinations with many other ingredients. I’ve just

Chicken – Mushrooms Topping !!!

Chicken - mushrooms topping

Chicken – mushrooms topping is one of those easy meals that didn’t require special culinary skills to prepare some recipe successfully. To prepare such recipe I usually use either deboned chicken legs or chicken stakes. No matter what you’ve chosen its taste is equally delicious. The choice is yours. Chicken is known as the healthiest meat,

Chicken Roulade With Milk Topping!!!

chicken roulade

Chicken roulade is a piece of food that tastes just delicious and you really ought to try. The preparation of this wonderful meal won’t take much of your time and you can prepare it really fast. I won’t take any time, so let’s begin! Ingredients: 2 pieces of chicken breasts 250gr. mushrooms Dried oregano Salt Black pepper

The Most Delicious Gyro Your Kids Will Love It !!!


Who says that we have to travel to Greece to try some good gyro? With this recipe you can prepare your own delicious gyro, just as you order in restaurants. Although in several phases, its preparation is easy and won’t take much time, if you organize well. 1. First, we prepare the meat with the