Sweetest Apples

Sweetest Apples Ready In Just 20 Minutes!!!


Sweetest Apples is one of my newest recipes that I’ve just tried, which believe me I’ll always prepare it.

A genuine delicacy that is ready in just 20 minutes!

In moments when you are fed up of all those old and new recipes that nowadays can be found at social networks, try to prepare this recipe and you won’t regret it.

Sweetest Apples

Ingredients you need for Sweetest Apples:

1 kg. green apples

3 ¾ cups of sugar

1 cup of water


100 gr nuts

Preparation of Sweetest Apples:

First, wash apples well, and then remove the skin.

Sweetest Apples

When apples are peeled, cut into thin strips for around 5 millimeters.

You can choose the shape on your own.

You can chop into small cubes, cut into long or short thin strips, do it whatever you like, but also have in mind that they will be prepared easily when thinner (5 mm).

So peel the apples, and cut into thin strips.

In meanwhile, put the sugar and vanilla to boil into water.

Drop both apples and nuts into water, after it boils, and keep on boiling at medium temperature for approximately 15-20 minutes.

It supposed to be the period in which apples are boiled and soft, which depends much on the apple cultivars.

Remove the pot out of the stove when delicacy you are preparing is getting some shiny golden color, and cover the pot with a dry cotton towel.

Sweetest Apples

Put aside, so that it cools down well, and then put into small jars.

If you prefer your delicacy crunchy, then put the pot away from fire earlier.

Nuts you’ve added into it will enrich the dessert’s flavor, and will absorb both apple and vanilla aromas.

The smell and taste of this unusual apple recipe will really make you feel surprised.


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