Snickers Bar

Snickers Bar Recipe-Surprise Your Beloved Guests


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Are you ready to taste this homemade Snickers Bar?

Snickers Bar is a great solution – if You have your guests on their way to your house, and you don’t have an idea about what kind of dessert to serve.

It is one of those desserts I often prepare for two reasons:

1. It is easy to prepare

2. It tastes just delicious

Snickers Bar


Its preparation won’t take much of your free time, and on the other hand, it brings wonderful sweet taste.

Shall we start?

Ingredients you need to prepare Snickers Bar:

400gr./14 oz roasted-unsalted ground peanuts

100gr./3.5 oz roasted-unsalted peanuts you have to grind

200gr./7 oz powdered sugar

220gr./1 cup butter

300gr./10.6 oz ground biscuits

2 eggs

Lemon rind

2 tbsp honey or marmalade

200gr./7 oz chocolate

1 tbsp cooking oil



Whisk the butter and powdered sugar at the beginning.

After you’ve whisked well and made the butter and powdered sugar consistent, add the eggs, and whisk it again.

Add the ground biscuits and the lemon rind after they mix well, and keep on mixing.

Add the ground peanuts at the end.

Then, mix it all to get consistent mixture.

Put all mixture into baking tray or bar cooking pattern, shape it well, and arrange the tray with it.

Coat the top of the mixture with honey or marmalade, and put the ground peanuts.

Put the chocolate into a bowl, add one tbsp cooking oil so that it becomes shiny. Stir it at a low fire or steam, until it melts down.

Pour the chocolates onto the mixture after it melts down, and refrigerate it well for a while.

Snickers Bar

When the snickers bar is cool enough, cut it in slices, cubes, or make different shapes at your choice.


Enjoy the wonderful taste and believe me your guests will ask to try the recipe.

Bon Appétit!

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