Summer Fantasy

Summer Fantasy-Dessert With Biscuits And Yogurt


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Summer Fantasy dessert serves as a great refreshment during these hot summer days.


This is also one of the recipes you can easily experiment with.

Just use your imagination and go forward.


It is easy to prepare, and believe it or not, my eight year old son prepares it on his own.

Main ingredients to prepare this delicious Summer Fantasy dessert are just biscuits and yogurt.

Additional ingredients are optional and added just to your liking.

I must say I really love recipes where you can use whatever you like, in moments you have a desire for something sweet and delicious, or those things you have on disposal at the moment.

Its mixed sweet and sour taste can be also combined with various kinds of fruits, which do not lose the taste of the fruit at the end.
I used to prepare it on many occasions using apple, bananas, raspberries etc.

Summer Fantasy

Today I’ve decided to prepare it with strawberries.


-750gr./24 oz biscuits
-500ml./2 cup yogurt
-220gr./7 oz sugar
-220gr./7 oz strawberries
-90gr./3 oz chocolate


-220gr./7 oz strawberries
-60gr./2 oz chocolate
-60gr./2 oz roasted nuts
– whipped cream


Preparation of Summer Fantasy dessert:

First, wash the strawberries and chop it into small cubes.

Cut the biscuits into several parts and grate the chocolate on top of them.

Summer Fantasy

Pour the yogurt into a bowl aside, and add the sugar and the vanilla.

Then, mix it well until the sugar melts down and pour it onto the biscuits.

Add the cubes of strawberry at the end and mix it again to get all ingredients consistent, and put it into refrigerator for about half an hour.

Start forming the dessert when the mixture is cool enough.

I usually prefer to form roulades, or oblong shapes, but you can also use various baking patterns if you have, and create different shapes on your own. You can also put it into a glass or any other glass bowl and decorate.

Put a layer of the mixture, then decorate it with strawberries, and repeat the procedure once again.


Summer Fantasy

At the end, garnish it with sweet whipped cream, grated chocolate, and sprinkle it with roasted nuts and the rest of the strawberries.

Bon Appétit!

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