stuffed carp

Stuffed Carp Recipe !!!


Stuffed carp is one of my favorite meals I always enjoy preparing it.

I prefer such meals because you can easily experiment with, and use various kinds of ingredients and spices.

Its taste is equal no matter what ingredients you’ve used, mushrooms, onions, etc., just as I use to prepare.

stuffed carp

Carp can be also prepared with lemon juice, olive oil. At last, you can prepare with no further fillings.

You can add spices on your own, spices you like, or use your favorite vegetables.

The choice is yours.

After many experiments, I’ve chosen the following way I really adore.

Ingredients for preparing carp :

1.7kg. – 2kg. Carp

500gr. carrots

1kg. onions

2 medium-sized potatoes

5-6 cloves of garlic

150gr. smoked bacon

250ml sour cream



Cooking oil

100ml. white wine


Black pepper

stuffed carp

Preparation of stuffed carp :

First, wash carp well, put aside for a while so that water can be strained.

Grease the roasting tray with cooking oil.

Cut onions into small pieces, add grated carrots and potatoes chopped into small cubes.

Add rosemary, salt and black pepper into these vegetables.

Salt carp’s inner side, and then make several cuttings only at the top of the outer side.

Put smoked bacon into these cuttings, some parsley and one clove of garlic.

Stuff carp with vegetables you’ve already prepared. You can conjoin the opened part with toothpick, but not necessarily.

Add the rest of vegetables into greased tray, pour wine onto it, and then put the stuffed carp.

Than put sour cream onto the carp.

stuffed carp

Put carp into oven for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Enjoy the wonderful taste of stuffed carp with a glass of fine white wine.

Bon Appétit!

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