Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe !!!


Having just finished its preparation, I’m deciding to present the strawberry marmalade recipe right now.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe


Extraordinary! Mmmmmm!

Try to prepare it as well, and let strawberry marmalade taste make your kids happy.

Ingredients for Strawberry Marmalade Recipe :

2 kg. fresh strawberries

750 gr. sugar

Lemon juice

Preparation of Strawberry Marmalade Recipe :

First, remove the stalks and wash strawberries well.

Arrange strawberries in a large pot, with several layers of them all covered with sugar.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

Then, pour the strawberries with lemon juice and also put another layer of sugar.

Close the pot with a lid, or cover it with cooking foil and refrigerate it for 24 hours.

During the period of 24 hours, the strawberries themselves are releasing the juice they contain, helping sugar to melt as well.

Next, blend strawberries and boil them at low temperature.

In case you don’t like much marmalade, then do not blend them at all, and simply you’ll get some perfectly prepared strawberry jam.

So, boil the strawberries for about 2 hours, with stirring it occasionally.

When strawberry marmalade is ready, remove the foam which appears during boiling, and put it into warmed jars at the end.

Finally, cover all jars with a towel until they cool down completely.

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe


Bon appétit!

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