Special Aubergine Recipe

Special Aubergine Recipe For All Gourmets !!!


The special aubergine recipe is a matter that won’t fall into oblivion in any case.

Its unique and extravagant taste will fascinate you once you try.                                      Special Aubergine Recipe

Such way of preparation will really make you feel amazed all of you people that prefer aubergines as an ingredient.

The recipe is also used to prepare some afternoon snack, furthermore as a salad, as an addition to many meals containing meat, or simply just the way you like it.

Its preparation is quite quick and simple and won’t take much of your free time.

Ingredients for Special Aubergine Recipe :

2 medium sized aubergines

4 tablespoons flour

1 cup of sour cream

5-6 cloves of garlic

Finely cut parsley

Some olive oil


Black pepper                                                                                                                            Special Aubergine Recipe

Preparation of Special Aubergine Recipe :

The preparation of such recipe itself starts with aubergines being washed well, and cut as small circles, thick about 5 mm.

Then, sprinkle each aubergine circle with salt and arrange it all on a cotton towel, and leave it for a while so that aubergine releases the water into which they were washed previously.

Preheat some olive oil, and roll each aubergine circle in flour, and prepare them to be fried.

When fried, put aubergines on a paper so that now they release the surplus of grease.

Put sour cream into another bowl, add finely cut parsley, the crushed garlic, salt and black pepper.

Mix sour cream well so that all ingredients spread well around.

Arrange fried aubergine circles on a serving plate and top it with the sour cream and garlic topping.

You can also try serving it in a large bowl with many rows of fried aubergines, with sour cream in the middle of them, repeating the procedure all over again.                                                                      Special Aubergine Recipe

I would also suggest another combination of such recipe: using cream cheese instead of sour cream respectively.

It’s just an idea suggested by me for you .

Finally, decorate it to your own liking and enjoy the unique taste of the special aubergine recipe.

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