Royal Veal Goulash Recipe

Royal Veal Goulash Recipe !!!


Royal veal goulash recipe is a great recipe that can be prepared at home and something that will certainly amaze your kinfolks.

Royal Veal Goulash Recipe


The duration of time needed for preparation of such recipe is quite long, but believe me, each minute of its preparation is really worth to be spent on it.

The preparation goes this way:

Ingredients for Royal Veal Goulash Recipe :

700 gr. veal

500 gr. fresh mushrooms

1 kg onion

4 carrots

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons red pepper


Black pepper

1 teaspoon wild thyme

½ teaspoon dried oregano

Canned Meat

Preparation of Royal Veal Goulash Recipe :

First, prepare veal so that you chop it and boil it at low fire for approximately 2 hours until it cooks well at the end.

Also chop onion while meat is boiling, and deep-fry altogether with diced carrots in a great quantity of cooking oil.

Boil them until they become soft, and then add the thinly cut fresh mushrooms.

Pour entire mixture into the bowl with boiled veal, when the mushrooms are fried enough.

I would say that meat must be dipped by water about 2 cm when preparing.

Then, dissolve flour and red pepper in a half cup of water, after you add onions, mushrooms, and carrots, and also add dissolved flour and red pepper at the end.

Finally, add the other spices and stew goulash at low temperature so that flour and meat thick together.

This extraordinary veal goulash is served with fresh green salad and a glass of fine wine.

Royal Veal Goulash Recipe

Bon appétit!

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