roasted macaroni

Roasted Macaroni With Sparkling Water !!!


Nowadays you can easily find various recipes to prepare roasted macaroni everywhere.

I’ve tried many of them but this one I introduce to you today is my favorite.

Just try to prepare and your kids will be grateful.

roasted macaroni

Preparation of macaroni won’t take more than 5 minutes, since they are quite easy to prepare.

You can also use various kinds of macaroni to prepare this recipe. The decision is on your own.

They are served for breakfast, supper, and I’m sure your kids won’t mind if you also prepare for lunch.

Ingredients for Roasted Macaroni :

500 gr macaroni

1.5 L. sparkling water

250 ml. milk

100 gr melted butter

4 eggs

½ tsp baking powder

300 gr. Feta cheese

Preparation of Roasted Macaroni :

roasted macaroni

It only takes 5 minutes.

First, put raw macaroni into a roasting pan.

Whisk two eggs aside (you can also mix with food mixer), add baking powder, sparkling water and milk.

Stir it all well, and add the melted butter.

Then, put the grated feta cheese into it.

I suggest putting 300gr. of feta cheese, but you can use cheese to your own taste.

Pour the cheese topping onto macaroni.

Finally, shake the roasting pan for a while so that the juice ingredients produce can fill the macaroni hollows themselves.

That’s it! Roast macaroni at 200 C for approximately 40 minutes until the juice boils down, then put away when they swell.

You can also put some grated parmesan if you like.

Enjoy your meal!

roasted macaroni

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