Refreshing Fruit Juice

Refreshing Fruit Juice That You’ll Like At First Try !!!

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You need something refreshing after your long tiring day?

We have some ideal solution for you: refreshing fruit juice that you’ll really like at your first try.

Refreshing Fruit Juice

The preparation of such recipe is quite easy and simple, which believe me, in return you get a glass full of tasty healthy vitamins out of it.

Ingredients for Refreshing Fruit Juice :

800 gr. apples

500 gr. pumpkin

500 gr. carrots

Lemon juice (out of 2 lemons)

700 gr. sugar

4 liters of water

Refreshing Fruit Juice

Preparation of Refreshing Fruit Juice :

First, dice carrots, pumpkin and apples and put them all into a pot.

Pour some water so that it covers them, and boil at low temperature until they get soften.

When fruit gets soften, remove it from the pot using ladle, and blend them until you get some smooth thick fruit purée.

Do not waste water into which fruit was boiling, but add 4 liters water more, and finally add the sugar and the lemon juice.

Put back the pot onto the cooker again, and add blended fruit when water is boiled.

Refreshing Fruit Juice

Entire mixture must be boiled for approximately 15 minutes and nothing more.

Store fruit juice you’ve prepared into glass bottles and refrigerate it.

Using one dose of such recipe you get about 5 liters fruit juice.

Feel free to prepare a double dose, since one of it I’m sure won’t be enough for you.

The taste of the fruit juice and its color will amaze you at first try.


Refreshing Fruit Juice


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