Pork Topped With Yellow Cheese – Surprise Your Beloved Ones With This Extraordinary Recipe


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Pork topped with yellow cheese

When I first tried this recipe at my friend’s house, I was really surprised by its unique taste.





This recipe is one of my favorites, and I would like to share with you as a suggestion for your tomorrow’s lunch for example.

Its preparation lasts for half an hour, so you have enough time to prepare different additions and salads as well.

One of your choices can be French fries, rise, or various other vegetable mixture such as peas, green bean, corns etc.

I prefer salad as an addition, but it’s a choice on your own.


– 1kg./ 35oz pork
– 200gr. / 7oz yellow cheese
– 500gr./ 17oz fresh mushrooms
– 5 tbsp  tomato ketchup
– mint
– oregano
– basil leaves
– salt
– black pepper
– cooking oil
– 1 tbsp flour


First, wash and chop he meat, and put some cooking oil to heat.

Add 1 tbsp flour before you put away it.

Put the meat into a roasting pan.




Then, add one cup of water into the same roasting pan, and add the mushrooms, the tomato ketchup and the spices as well.

When it all boils, pour the meat with it, and roast it at 180C / 350F approximately 30 minutes.

When the meat is ready, top it with grated yellow cheese.

Once again put the roasting pan back into the oven and roast it until the yellow cheese melts.

Finally, I believe you’ll like this recipe and serve it on many occasions.




Bon Appétit!

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