Raffaello Cake

Raffaello Cake – Real Summer Pleasure !!!


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Searching for some interesting recipes written at my recipe book today, I’ve found this interesting one – Raffaello Cake.

I really can’t remember the time when I last prepared this kind of cake, but it was certainly 4 or 5 months ago.

Just as I saw the recipe, I imagined how good it looks at the moment, and how tasteful it is.

You can enjoy not only watching, but also consuming it. Just as I said, a real abundance of different tastes.

Raffaello Cake



I must admit it is my own version of Raffaello Cake, knowing that the original recipe to prepare this cake is much different.

After several combinations of its ingredients, I finally managed to adapt it just on my own way.

Let’s start!

Ingredients you need to prepare the sponge part:

10 egg whites

10 tbsp sugar

150gr./5.3 oz groundnuts

200gr./7 oz coconut flour

3 tbsp white flour

1 baking powder



First, put the egg whites into a mixing bowl and put some sugar as well.

Mix it well with food mixer until the mixture becomes hard.

Add the groundnuts, the coconut flour, the regular white flour, vanilla and baking powder, with the mixer continually switched on.

Put the mixture into square baking tray after you’ve mixed it all well, and bake at 150 C/300 F.

Then, prepare the cake filling while the sponge part is still baking.


Cake filling ingredients:

250gr./1 cup butter

250gr./1 cup powdered sugar

10 egg yolks

150gr./5.3 oz groundnuts

150gr./5.3 oz grated chocolate


Mix the butter with powdered sugar to conjoin and to turn into consistent mixture.

Add 10 egg yolks one after another.

Divide the filling into three parts, after you’ve finished mixing.

PART ONE: Add 150gr./5.3 oz groundnuts into it!

PART TWO: Add 150gr./5.3 oz grated chocolate!

PART THREE: Do not add anything!

Cut the sponge into 3 parts along the width of the cake. Pour some lukewarm milk onto the entire three parts.

Put the chocolate filling onto the first part. Then, put the second part of the sponge onto the first one and coat with the groundnuts filling.

Raffaello Cake

Put the third part, and finish the cake with the filling in which you didn’t add anything.

Finally, coat the entire cake with sweet cream. Decorate it just to your liking.


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