Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies

If you want to prepare a dessert, but you have less free time to prepare, then such Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies recipe is the real thing.

Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies

The preparation is quite simple, and it is also worth to mention that is exceptionally cheap.

Ingredients for Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies:

300 gr. cornflakes 

80 gr raisin

80 gr. dates

7 tablespoons of honey

100 gr. white chocolate

250 gr. butter

½  cup of brown sugar

200 gr. crushed walnuts

Preparation:of Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies :

Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies


The preparation of such recipe is quite quick and simple and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your free time.

It starts with melting butter on low fire, and then adding the chocolate, honey and sugar in it.

When all ingredients melt together, add the other products such as walnuts, raisin, dates and cornflakes at the end.

Mix all ingredients so that they arrange themselves equally.

Then, scoop some of the mixture and put in paper cake cups.

I would say that you can freely shape the cookies whatever you like, only if mixture is still warm enough.

In case the mixture is cooled down, then the procedure of shaping cookies will be more demanding.

Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies

Enjoy the unique taste of Quickly Prepared Cornflakes Cookies that melt in your mouth.


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