potato croquettes

Potato croquettes stuffed with Vienna sausage!!!


Potato croquettes stuffed with Vienna sausage is one of my favorite recipes that I often prepare.

Many people that have tried so far, remained absolutely amazed by its unique taste.

My children really adore it, moreover all my guests I invite at my house, always ask me to prepare potato croquettes at any occasion.

potato croquettes

Just try them, they are easy to prepare, quite cheap, and plates are always emptied within a second.

Let’s start with the recipe!

Ingredients you need to prepare potato croquettes :

1 kg. boiled potatoes

350 gr. Vienna sausages

4 tablespoons white flour


ground black pepper

spices (optional)

2 eggs

100 gr. breadcrumbs

cooking oil

potato croquettespotato croquettespotato croquettespotato croquettes

Preparation of potato croquettes :

First, boil potatoes, and then blend them well so that no nuggets remain into the potatoes.

Then, add some flour into the boiled potatoes, salt, black pepper, and add spices at your own liking.

Frankly, I use to add just some oregano into this recipe, but you can also add many spices if you want.

Whether you’ve put additional spices or not, you won’t regret since their basic flavor is quite rich and doesn’t need some special spices.

potato croquettes

Just put some salt and black pepper – it is quite enough.

Stir potato pure well, after you’ve put the spices, so that you get a consistent mixture.

Cut Vienna sausages into several pieces depending on their length.

Put some oil on your hand, take some of the potato puree, and put a piece of the sausage into the middle.

Wrap the sausage well into the potato, so that it closes equally from the both sides.

potato croquettes

Drop such shaped croquettes into whisked eggs, and roll them into breadcrumbs.

Deep-fry potato croquettes into cooking oil at medium temperature until they become brown at both sides and create themselves some thin crust.

Put deep-fried croquettes onto a napkin so that they release the surplus of grease.

They can be combined with many kinds of salads, spreads, whatever you combine them, you won’t make a mistake.

potato croquettes



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