Pizza Bites Recipe

Pizza Bites Recipe – Perfection Of Tastes !!!


Pizza Bites Recipe is recipe that made me think that I would never ever prepare an ordinary pizza, because once I’ve tried this recipe, I really remained fascinated.

They are the perfect choice when served as a snack for your upcoming party, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so they really are ideal at any occasion.

Pizza bites recipe preparation is not complicated at all, you prepare them easy, and they do not require some special culinary skills.

Pizza Bites Recipe

A great piece of food for real gourmets.

The recipe I am presenting you today, serves for preparation of about 30 pizza bites, so you can halve the dose in case you did not require such great quantity.

Last week I’ve prepared this quantity of pizza bites to celebrate my younger son’s birthday, and believe me I had a full house of gusts that these pizza bites made them fascinated.

I’ve made the pizza dough on my own, but certainly you can also use some frozen dough that can be bought at markets anywhere. It all depends on your choice and free time available.

Ingredients you need to prepare the dough:

1 kg. regular white flour

250 ml. water

250 ml. milk

40 gr. yeast

50 ml. cooking oil

3 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoons sugar

Preparation of pizza dough:

First, knead some fine dough using all ingredients and put aside for an hour and half so that it increases its volume.

When dough is ready, knead it once again and create around 30 dough balls.

Then, move on with pizza bites preparation.

Pizza Bites Recipe

Ingredients you need to prepare pizza bites filling:

Homemade ketchup

Mozzarella (chopped into small cubes)


3-4 cloves of garlic

5 tablespoons melted butter



Dried oregano


Preparation of pizza bites:

When dough is divided into 30 dough balls, take one ball and spread it or just cram it using your fingers.

Put one teaspoon homemade ketchup, a piece of pepperoni and a cube mozzarella onto each dough ball.

Close the dough carefully, and make sure it is conjoined together, so that it does not open while baking.

Arrange all dough balls you prepared into the same way, in a baking tray that is previously covered with a baking paper.

Melt butter aside into a bowl, and then add minced garlic, oregano, salt and black pepper.

Coat all dough balls with this butter cream, and sprinkle them with grated parmesan.

Finally, bake pizza bites at 200 C for around 20 minutes until they get brown.

I believe you’ll enjoy their perfect taste.

Pizza Bites Recipe

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