phyllo dough

Phyllo Dough Recipe With Cheese And Yogurt


Have you ever found yourself into a situation where you can’t stop eating?

Once you try this recipe, believe me you will dare for more and more, and its wonderful taste will make you feel amazed.

A tasteful piece of food for all gourmets.

phyllo dough

I can officially introduce this recipe as one of many kinds that use phyllo dough sheets, a recipe I always enjoy preparing and I want to share the secret Ingredients with you.

Ingredients you need to prepare phyllo dough recipe:

½ kg. phyllo dough sheets

4 eggs

1 baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

500ml yogurt

½ cup cooking oil

500gr. cheese

50gr. sesame

Preparation of phyllo dough:

phyllo dough

Start preparation with dividing egg yolks from egg whites.

Mix egg whites into blender to increase their volume, but make sure you don’t make them completely hard.

Add yolks one by one, with mixing it continually.

Switch off blender and move on.

Put baking powder into the same mixture.

Next, add yogurt, and then add cooking oil and some salt.

Mix it all well.

Grease baking tray, into which you prepare phyllo dough sheets, with butter.

Spread one dough sheet onto the greased baking tray. This sheet serves as a base for all further sheets.

Take one dough sheet by another and easily set onto the base sheet into the baking tray.

I would also recommend that no matter how you’ve managed to arrange dough sheets, make sure you don’t cram much into it.

You can also shape dough balls or simply shape them such as squeezebox.

The choice is on your own. Just choose the easiest way for you.

Chop cheese onto phyllo dough sheets.

Pour egg filling onto the cheese, but make sure you’ve spread it equally all over the cheese.

Shake the baking tray slightly.

Sprinkle some sesame all over the sheets and put the tray aside.

phyllo dough

Preheat oven at 200 C, and put baking tray into it when the temperature is reached.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes.

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