Peanuts Dessert

Peanuts Dessert – Specially For You !!!


Peanuts Dessert

Ingredients you need to prepare the base of Peanuts Dessert :

250 gr. ground walnuts

250 gr. biscuits

200 ml. milk

250 gr. sugar

200 gr. chocolate

Preparation of the base:

First, put both water and sugar into a boiling pot, and boil until the sugar melts.

Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Crush biscuits finely with a help of a rolling pin, or you can do it with your own hands.

Then, put into other bowl and add ground walnuts.

Put away boiling water when sugar is already melted.

Add chocolate and stir continually until it melts well.

Pour liquid you’ve got from already melted chocolate onto the biscuits and walnuts.

Mix well so that all ingredients turn into consistent mixture.

Then, put paper, or put nylon foil into a cake mould or another bowl.

Spread entire mixture onto the bottom of the bowl, and make sure you’ve arrange it well.

Finally, put the bowl aside to cool down well.

Ingredients you need to prepare the upper lay of Peanuts Dessert :

250 gr. butter

250 gr. powdered sugar

250 gr. roasted ground peanuts

Put butter into a mixing bowl while waiting for the base layer to cool down.

Also put powdered sugar, and mix with a food mixer.

Then, add ground peanuts when it is all mixed well, and mix again with a tablespoon.

Take the cake mould into which you’ve put dessert’s base layer and spread well the upper layer equally at all sides.

Ingredients you need to prepare the topping for Peanuts Dessert :

150 gr. chocolate

1 tablespoon butter

First, melt chocolate on steam with stirring continually, and add one tablespoon butter.

When the chocolate melts, add onto the dessert.

Peanuts Dessert

I must say I always use chocolate toppings when preparing desserts, since I really adore chocolate.

You can also use various kinds of toppings, or simply use some sweet cake cream. The choice is yours.

At last, no matter what topping you’ve chosen, nothing can change the unique taste of such dessert.

Decorate to your own liking.

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