Panzerotti–Ideal Solution For Tomorrow`s Breakfast



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Almost every week, I have Italian Panzerotti served at my dinner table.

It is one of those recipes you can easily experiment with and prepare to your own liking, which makes them ideal.


You can prepare with various kinds of fillings:

– Ham, yellow cheese, ketchup

– Mushrooms and bacon

Spinach and cheese

– Ground meat

– Vegetarian, with all kinds of vegetables

– Eggs and cheese and many more combinations, of almost all kinds, just to your own liking.

The most important thing is the dough preparation, which believe me must be perfect.

Today I’ve decided to show you my own way of Panzerotti preparation.

Dough ingredients for Panzerotti:

-500gr./17.6 oz all-purpose flour

-10gr./0.35 oz dry yeast

-1 tbsp sugar

-1 tbsp cooking oil

-250ml./1 cup milk


Use all ingredients to knead a dough, and put aside to increase its volume.

Filling ingredients for Panzerotti:

200gr./7 oz ham

80gr./2.8 oz marinated mushroom chops

200gr./7 oz yellow cheese



Cut the ham and the yellow cheese into small chops, and then slice the marinated mushrooms.

Add some oregano and ketchup into it and mix well.

Sometimes I use to prepare in a way that I put whole slices of ham and yellow cheese. I prefer whole slices, but my kids adore when it is all chopped, so I have to full-fill their wishes.

Final preparation:


Knead the dough again when ready and divide it into 10 dough balls.

When divided in this way, Panzerotti always turn out little bit smaller, so if you prefer them bigger, try to make less dough balls.

Stretch each dough ball with rolling pin into size equal to one ordinary plate.

Fill just the half of the Panzerotti, and overlap.

Push the ends of the dough with your own fingers, or use fork to conjoin the dough.

Deep-fry it with cooking oil at medium temperature.

Bon Appétit!

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