Old-fashioned cookies

Old-Fashioned Cookies – FULL HIT


Old-fashioned cookies I must say, came as a real surprise after all those modern recipes I’ve used to prepare recently.

Although I adore chocolate sweets and desserts, I pronounce these old-fashioned cookies as the best.

They remind me of my early childhood when the entire kitchen was fulfilled with the smell of vanilla and butter that came out of the freshly baked cookies my mother used to prepare.

Surprise your children with these old-fashioned cookies which I’m sure they’ll really love them.

Old-fashioned cookies

Ingredients you need to prepare old-fashioned cookies:

300 gr. butter

100 gr powdered sugar

½ lemon zest

6 egg yolks

300 gr self-rising flour

Marmalade (optional)

Powdered sugar – to sprinkle cookies

Vanilla powder

Old-fashioned cookies

Preparation of old-fashioned cookies:

First, melt 300 gr of butter into powdered sugar at low temperature. Stir continually with a tablespoon while they are melting.

Put aside when butter melts and conjoins well with the sugar, and then add egg yolks one after another with mixing continually.

Then, add flour when yolks are mixed well, and keep mixing so that all ingredients turn into a consistent mixture.

Now you need a cake syringe to shape cookies. Fill the cake syringe with the mixture you’ve prepared. The best shapes are created if the syringe itself has a star shape tool.

Grease baking tray, and then sprinkle with flour.

Use syringe to create small cookies with a dimension as a coin and shape as a star.

Put some marmalade into the middle of each created cookie star.

Finally, bake cookies at 200 C so that they become brown.

The real taste of old-fashioned cookies comes if you put aside for couple of hours so that they cool down well.

Old-fashioned cookies

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