chrono diet

Number one effective diet of today – Chrono diet !!!


Are you tired of constantly being disappointed when looking yourself in a mirror?

How many times have you decided so far to draw a red line and say: It’s enough now. I’m starting to care about my appearance.

– It’s about time to start a diet!

chrono diet

I’m sure you are already informed about many kinds of diets medias suggest, some of them really rigorous, others not, some workable, others also not.

Nevertheless, the most important matter is your own determination and persistence.

As beings inclinable to fattening, you’ve surely tried different kinds of diets, but in my view the best diet at the moment is the one that I’ve decided to share with you today, the chrono diet.

A chrono diet can’t be said a classic diet literally, but a kind of way of nutrition which enables weight loss.

Introduction and description of chrono diet

Chrono diet is divided in two periods:

1. Restrictive period

2. Post – restrictive period

Today I’m sharing the rules of chrono diet within the restrictive period.

chrono diet

Restrictive period

Restrictive period lasts for at least 28 days, until you reach the weight you personally require.

During this period, by obeying the rules, we completely clean our body of all so called toxics that are present in human body.

Within the period, which is the key period concerning such diet, there are several rules we must obey, so that the final effect of a diet becomes complete.

– Number one key factor is the duration of time in which we are going to consume our daily meals. So, the period between two daily meals must be 4 to 6 hours, but it would also be better if each meal is consumed 5 hours after the previous one.

– The day starts with a cup of herbal tea, or warm unsweetened lemonade. Breakfast is necessary and highly caloric, and the single meal that includes bread, but strictly chrono bread.

chrono diet


Chrono bread contains allowed types of flours such as rye, barley, buckwheat, and is made of baking powder instead of yeast which is usually used during the process of bread making.

– Do not use milk!

– Do not drink alcohol-except for red wine up to 4 glasses a week.

– Do not consume any fruit except for lemon, which is also important in cleaning toxics out of your body.

chrono diet

– Drink water, unsweetened herbal tea or lemon juice half an hour after each meal. Also you can consume plenty of such drinks as much as you can.

– Do not drink coffee before breakfast, but half an hour after the meal. It is actually recommended that you drink just two cups of coffee a day.

– When it comes to dairy products, a feta cheese is recommended to be consumed. Greek yogurt and sour cream are also allowed to be consumed 3-4 times a week.

chrono diet

Do not consume dairy products combined with eggs, except for some recipes that include eggs such as muffins, pies, pancakes etc., which undoubtedly must be seldom.


It is also not recommended mixing several dairy products at once. Namely, if you consume cheese for example, avoid combining sour cream and Greek yogurt with it.

It is worth to mention that milky butter is allowed to be consumed during restrictive period. It is concerned as lipid which combines with other dairy products.

– Pork, lamb and beef is consumed at lunch, with no exceptions, but chicken, turkey, or fish at dinner.

chrono diet

When it comes to processed meat, bacon, ham and smoked sausages are all allowed to be consumed, but it would be better if you try those one containing less additives such as homemade ones.

-Strictly avoid legumes and vegetables that contain starch such as beans, rice, lentil, peas, potatoes etc.


-Cereals are also allowed, except for corn snowflakes.

-Salads also perform the key role during all meals, especially at lunch and dinner. They must include olive oil, salt and lemon juice.

– Eggs can be consumed for breakfast, but when it comes to dinner, consuming egg whites is only recommended.

chrono diet

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