No Bake Chocolate Cake

No Bake Chocolate Cake With Three Kinds of Chocolate!!!


No Bake Chocolate Cake – just extraordinary!

I would never resist this chocolate cake.

No Bake Chocolate Cake

This kind of cake is ideal to many occasions because of its flavor combinations that are made of three kinds of chocolate.

You would only decorate it additionally, and it also turns into ideal birthday cake.

Ingredients you need to prepare the cake base:

2 cups ground biscuits

50 gr. butter

Some milk

Preparation of No Bake Chocolate Cake :

First, grind biscuits into a plastic bag, using rolling pin.

Add melted butter and a little milk after you’ve ground the biscuits.

Stir the entire mixture well, and also add some more milk if it appears to be too dry.

Pour the mixture into previously butter greased cake baking tray, and then shape the mixture that will serve as a base to your finest chocolate cake.

Refrigerate the cake base until it becomes solid, and prepare the cake creams in meanwhile.

Ingredients you need to prepare the cake creams:

150 gr. dark chocolate

200 gr. white chocolate

200 gr. milk chocolate

600 ml. sweet cream

Preparation of No Bake Chocolate Cake creams:


So, in this case you prepare three separated kinds of creams, into which you’ll put different kind of chocolate.

Cream No.1:

Put 200 ml sweet cream into a mixing bowl, and then blend it.

After the sweet cream becomes solid, add the dark chocolate which is previously melted, but make sure it is not hot too much.

Stir well and pour the cream onto the cake base.

Put it into a fridge so that it becomes solid.

Cream No.2:

Just as you did while preparing cream No.1, repeat the entire procedure once again with pouring melted milk chocolate into the sweet cream.

Pit it also into fridge so that it becomes solid too.

Cream No.3:

Repeat the procedure with adding the last kind of chocolate, the white chocolate into the sweet cream.

You can also decorate it with melted chocolate or whipped sweet cream, or decorate with some kind of fruit. It is all optional and your own choice.

Cool down the cake well before consuming!

No Bake Chocolate Cake


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