meatball recipe

Meatball Recipe – Two Ways Of Preparation


Meatball recipe and how do I prepare it !

Nowadays you can easily find thousands of meatball recipes, prepared in many other ways.
Some people use to fry, or roast, others add various products.

Everyone prepare on their own way and own taste.

Today I’ve decided to present two ways in which I prepare and serve meatballs.


meatball recipe



300gr./10.5 oz ground meat

2 eggs

2 bulbs of grated onion

250ml./1 cup cold water

7 tbsp flour

baking powder

Salt, black pepper

Finely cut parsley

Preparation :

Put the ground meat into a large bowl, and grate the onion.

Whisk the eggs aside, add water and pour onto the ground meat, and add the other products as well.

Mix it all well, and put into refrigerator for approximately one hour.

This way of preparation requires an ice cream scoop spoon that must be greased well.

After the mixture is cool enough, scoop one ball and put slowly into a cooking oil.

Put all fried meatballs on a napkin, to make them less greased.

Put all prepared meatballs on sticks.

Serve them with French fries, ketchup or some gyro toppings as an addition.



meatball recipe


1 bulb of onion

1 green pepper

600gr./21.1 oz tomatoes

7-8 leaves basil

1 tbsp vinegar

1 tsp sugar

Salt and black pepper (optional)


Put the tomatoes into boiling water for several seconds, to remove the peel easily.

Blend them or chop into small pieces.

Chop the green pepper and the onion aside, and fry them in cooking oil.

Add tomatoes after they fry well, and put them to broil at low fire.

Add spices after you make sure that the water is boiled down.

Mix well, and put the previously prepared meatballs one after another.

Broil for a while at low fire, so that meatballs absorb some of the tomato sauce.

Put basil leaves onto the meatballs as a decoration.

Bon Appétit!

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