Chocolate Cake

Marvelous Chocolate Cake Recipe !!!


Marvelous Chocolate Cake is the sweetest thing that I’ve tried recently when it comes to chocolate desserts.

This one layer cake is prepared immediately, just as you blink with your eyes.

So, let’s do the recipe.

Chocolate Cake


Ingredients you need to prepare the Chocolate Cake layer:

6 eggs

150 gr. sugar

250 gr butter

150 gr. chocolate

6 tablespoons flour

Baking powder

Ingredients you need to prepare the Chocolate Cake cream:

700 ml. sweet cream

250 gr. chocolate

3 tablespoons sugar

Preparation of Chocolate Cake Recipe:

First, put egg whites into a bowl and blend at highest speed until they fasten well.

Melt both butter and chocolate you need for the cake layer at low temperature or a steam. Put egg yolks into another bowl and also blend with sugar added into it.

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Then, add both melted butter and chocolate until you’ve blended egg yolks.

Switch off blender, and stirring gradually, add flour and baking powder into it.

When the mixture is stirred, add blended egg whites and stir again well so that it all conjoins well.

Pour entire mixture into previously flour sprinkled baking tray.

Bake at least 20-25 minutes at 180 C.

Until cake layer is baking, prepare the cake filling that will cover the cake.

Put the sweet cream at low temperature, and add both sugar and chocolate.

Stir it continually until chocolate is melted, but be careful that it doesn’t boil much, but make sure it just warms so that chocolate melts well.

When chocolate melts into the sweet cream, put it aside to cool down.

Prick the baked cake layer at several spots until it is still warm, and pour the cake cream you’ve prepared onto it.

Put the cake aside to cool down well, and also to absorb the cream inside.

To have the cream fasten, I recommend you cooling down the cake first, at room temperature, and then putting it into fridge for at least an hour.

Believe me, you will really remain amazed with the magical taste of this chocolate fantasy.

Chocolate Cake

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