Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

Marinated Mushrooms Recipe !!!

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Marinated mushrooms recipe is a great as a starter, as an addition to many salads, and also you can use it to decorate your favorite pizza.

If you really enjoy mushrooms, don’t hesitate to prepare this recipe, which will make you feel amazed.

The preparation is quite easy, they taste delicious, so try to prepare and you’ll never regret it.

Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

Ingredients for Marinated Mushrooms Recipe :

1 kg fresh mushrooms

1 L. water

50 ml. vinegar

1 teaspoon sugar

1/2 teaspoons salt


Bay leaf

Preparation of Marinated Mushrooms Recipe :

Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

First, wash mushrooms well since they must be perfectly clean.

You can marinate mushrooms without slicing them, but also you can slice them into thin pieces. It is all optional and your own choice.

If mushrooms are tiny you can put them just as they are into the marinade.

After washing them, put mushrooms into a pot and pour some water so that it covers mushrooms, and boil them at medium temperature.

When water boils, just put mushrooms into water no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Put aside the pot after 2-3 minutes so that mushrooms strain and cool down well. Then, put them into clean sterilized jars.

Start preparing the marinade aside into another pot.

Add 1 liter water, vinegar, salt and boil it.

Put aside marinade when it is ready so that it cools down, and then pour it into the jars into which you’ve arranged the mushrooms.

Fill the jars to the top because the marinade must cover the mushrooms.

Add 1-2 bay leaves into each jar, and also add a peppercorn.

I would also say that whether you enjoy many kinds of spices, feel free to experiment.

Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

You can add some wild thyme, oregano, garlic, or any kind of your favorite spices.

Finally, close jars with lids and keep into fridge for at least two days, so that mushrooms absorb the marinade well.

The taste of such prepared mushrooms will make you feel satisfied, it will positively influence your family budget and will save you some money, since homemade marinated mushrooms are far cheaper if you prepare on your own.

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