Live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers

Live Longer – Eat Hot Chili Peppers !!!

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Live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers because hot flavor peppers contain a special ingredient called capsaicin.

Live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers

The more capsaicin it contains, the hotter chili peppers are.

Larger amounts of capsaicin burn the lips, tongue and throat and makes you cry. Capsaicin enables special medicinal properties that make peppers the healthiest food in the world.

Regular intake of chili serves as an excellent prevention of arthritis. The latest research confirms that chili effectively reduces the pain caused by arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathy.

It has been shown that hot peppers reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevent blood clots. Cultures that widely applied chili have much lower rates of heart disease, stroke and thrombosis.

Just a little chill gives body an extra dose of vitamin C and A, which are essential in the prevention of infection. But it is also important to mention that capsaicin acts as a real “killer” of cancer cells.

Live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers

After four weeks of capsaicin therapy, the growth of prostate cancer cells was stopped at most of the animals and the tumor size was significantly reduced. To prevent a prostate cancer, it is recommended taking 400 mg of capsaicin three times a week.

Consuming chili food was thought to cause stomach ulcers for a very long time. Nowadays it is confirmed that hot peppers not only cause ulcers, but prevent them, because they destroy harmful bacteria and stimulate the creation of protective coating.

Regular intake of chili reduces the need for insulin secretion, which reduces blood sugar levels after meals.

Generally, the hotter the peppers are, the better they are, because there is more medicinal ingredient – capsaicin.

Live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers

So live Longer-Eat Hot Chili Peppers !!!


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  1. I love both Red and Green (fresh) chillies. With a morsel of food, if you bite half a chilli and munch, it will be delightful and tasty. Though it is a question of taste, cultivating the habit of including it as part of the food, will make you fall in love with chillies.

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