Kefir Is the Healthiest Dairy Product

Kefir Is The Healthiest Dairy Product !!!

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Kefir is the healthiest dairy product that you can easily prepare at home.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

The therapeutic properties of kefir stem come from the micro-flora of kefir grains. Not only for easy digestibility and supporting appetite, it is also used as a remedy for convalescents and debilitated people.

It is consumed in fairly large quantities, from 1 to 1.5 liters per day. The kefir especially contains a lot of vitamin B, which creates yeast.

The digestibility is larger than of milk. Kefir is considered excellent nutrient remedy for infants and children with poor digestion, lazy digestion and even when they feel bad.


Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

Kefir is also used against stomach diseases and intestines, acute liver inflammation, kidney disease, skin diseases, TB, cancer, constipation, anemia, allergies and asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and is good for children as substitute for milk.

Kefir also perfectly quenches thirst.

The traditional way of producing kefir is possible at home because it is very simple. In such production, kefir grains are used as starter cultures.

The procedure is as following: the pasteurized milk and cooled to 20 ° C are added to kefir grains, furthermore it is incubated until milk does not clot, and it is usually performed 24 hours at 22 ° C.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

After incubation, kefir grains are squeezed through a plastic strainer and separated from the rest of the amount of milk.

Separated kefir grains are rinsed with cold water. After rinsing and control, grain is transferred again to the amount of milk so that it starts a new fermentation process and the entire process is also repeated every 24 hours.

It is less bacteria proliferating at temperature lower than 20 ° C, becomes dominant fungi and creates more alcohol and carbon dioxide, but less lactic acid.

It is the best to make kefir in a sealed glass jar at room temperature. We should pay special attention to hygiene accessories used.

Prepare kefir and have a healthy, nutritious and refreshing drink.

Kefir Is a Healthiest Dairy Product

Note :

-While consuming, do not use metal spoons and strainer.

-Kefir is propagated, and it is the best to give away propagated fungus to everyone who needs it.

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