homemade yogurt

Homemade Yogurt Recipe !!!


Yogurt is a dairy product that we all use during all seasons.

It can be used as a refresher, as an addition when preparing various meals, salads and many other recipes and desserts.

Yogurt is also good for human’s health, especially for children’s physical growth.

homemade yogurt



There are many kinds of yogurts that taste really good, but nothing can be compared to homemade yogurt you prepare on your own.

I use to prepare homemade yogurt twice a week so that it is always present during the week.

This is the way I prepare it.

Ingredients for homemade yogurt:

1L. milk

5 tbsp yogurt

And that’s it. It is all you need to prepare.

homemade yogurt

Preparation of homemade yogurt :

Boil the milk, but make sure to put aside prior to its complete boiling.

Put aside to cool down, so that it reaches temperature around 45 C.

You can only touch the boiling pot to make sure the milk is ready, just as I do always.

Put 5 tbsp yogurt which serves as starter, add several tbsp of boiled milk and stir it all well.

homemade yogurt

Pour the stirred yogurt into the lukewarm milk and stir again.

At the moment you’ll see tiny milk bubbles.

Pour the yogurt into jars washed in hot water.

Put the jar lids, and then put them all aside at room temperature so that the homemade yogurt can ferment itself.

The period of fermentation depends much on the temperature of your kitchen.

If you make it warm it will surely ferment faster.

The easiest way to check whether the yogurt has fermented is to lean the jar slightly.

If the yogurt hasn’t reached some grade of thickness, you are sure it needs some more time to ferment.

When homemade yogurt already becomes thick, refrigerate for couple of hours before use.

Bon Appétit!


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