rice milk recipe

Homemade Rice Milk Recipe !!!

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Rice milk recipe is a great solution for people who act intolerantly against lactose, and those who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

A perfectly balanced rice milk can be found almost everywhere in markets around you, but your home budget will be less damaged, if you prepare it on your own for sure.

rice milk recipe

You can use such prepared rice milk to drink integrally, but also for preparation of your favorite desserts, or many other recipes where adding regular milk is required.

You can also make various combinations by adding honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and many other fruits such as date.
I would also recommend that you won’t regret if you use it to prepare dough, since its usage will give dough some perfect smoothness.

The preparation of rice milk is very simple and quick, and quite cheap as well.

Ingredients for rice milk recipe preparation:

½ cup of rice

4 cups of water

I would say that this is the basic measure for such preparation, but if you prefer your milk more thinly, you can put 5 cups of water instead of 4.

rice milk recipe

To prepare the recipe you can also use some brown rice, which is much healthier than regular white rice.

Preparation of rice milk recipe :

First, wash rice well and then add the water quantity needed.

Boil rice at low temperature until it turns soft completely.

Put aside boiled rice to cool down when ready, and then blend it.

Then, leave it rice to cool down completely into the bowl, so that rice stabilizes itself respectively.

Finally, strain it all through fine strainer, and you’ll get some perfectly prepared rice milk at the end.

Put such strained milk into clean glass bowl, and keep it in fridge for about 3 days.

rice milk recipe

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