Canned Meat

Homemade Canned Meat That Tastes Perfectly


Canned meat I use to prepare at home is almost always stored into the fridge.

When buying meat at the grocery, I always take more than usual, and I don’t refrigerate it all, but some quantity I prefer to preserve.

Canned Meat

There are two reasons why I choose to can meat:

The first one is certainly due to its much better taste.

The second reason is that the time I need to cook some meal prepared with Canned Meat is reduced to a minimum.

Canned Meat has already passed through a thermal processing, and it does not need much time to be added into any kind sort of meal.

Canning can be performed optional with any kind of meat: veal, pork, chicken or quarry.

Homemade canning is much healthier than meat we buy at store.

Its taste? – Just perfect!

Meat preservation does not include much spices, since meat is used as an addition.

I want to make sure all meals I cook to have kept their primary taste, with no spiced meat taste prevailing.

Ingredients for preparing Canned Meat :

Type of meat (optional)

Bay leaves



That’s all.

Preparation of Canned Meat :

Canned Meat

First, wash meat well and put aside to strain.

Chop meat into small cubes, around 2 cm each.

Add some salt and pepper, and put aside for approximately an hour.

Prepare jars in meanwhile, which could be used previously, but make sure the jar lids are right.

Choose suitable jars, according to your kitchen space and quantity of meat you want to prepare.

I recommend you use either new jar lids, or previously used ones that are not damaged.

Canned Meat

Lids are the most important factor that enables meat remain fresh after you’ve conserved it.

Put meat cubes into jars, and add 1-2 bay leaves into each jar.

Cram meat well into jars with your own hands or a kitchen pestle, and cover jars with lids.

It is all you have to put into jars.

Arrange jars into a large boiling pot, that is higher than jars, and then pour some water that reaches up to the jar lids.

Finally, boil it all at low temperature for approximately 3 hours.

Canned Meat

Bon appétit!

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10 thoughts on “Homemade Canned Meat That Tastes Perfectly

  1. My Grama taught me this years ago..we love canned venison,i can alot of meats i have never tried chicken.

  2. I have tried this with Moose,Deer, Elk and Chicken, it is so awesome and handy! Have you ever tried this with Pork before? If so , how do you like the results?

    1. I mostly prepared canned pork, sometimes chicken, but I have never tried with other kind of meat .
      I can say pork is the best !!!

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