Healthy Energy Bar

Healthy Energy Bar Recipe Prepared With Red Wine

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Healthy Energy Bar Recipe is one of my latest recipes, and to be honest I remained fascinated from the very first time I’ve prepared.

I was amazed by the taste of Healthy Energy Bar Recipe which is quite rich and full of different seeds that come as an addition to the basic taste of wine into a dough.

What can I say? You just have to try only one bar, and your plate will be immediately emptied.

Healthy Energy Bar

A real addiction, I would say.

Ingredients you need to prepare Healthy Energy Bar Recipe:

600 gr. integral flour – at your own choice

400 gr. regular white flour

250 ml. red wine

250 gr. cooking oil

Baking powder

80 gr. flax seed

100 gr. previously fried sesame

100 gr. sunflower seed

1 tablespoon salt

Healthy Energy Bar

Preparation of Healthy Energy Bar Recipe:

First, put dried ingredients into a large bowl, and mix well so that they conjoin together.

Then, put both cooking oil and wine into another bowl, stir continually, and pour the dried ingredients into the wine.

Start kneading with your own head when it gets the shape of a dough.

The dough itself must be well processed in order to become harder.

Divide the dough into two equal halves, and then stretch one crust with a rolling pin that has to be for 1 cm thick.

Then, cut the dough into bars, or you can just make many other shapes. The choice is yours.

Put Energy Bar onto a baking tray that is previously covered with a baking paper.

Finally, bake at 180-200 C for approximately half an hour.

Healthy Energy Bar

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