Granola Bar Recipe

Granola Bar Recipe-Healthy And Delicious !!!

Healthy Recipes

Granola bar recipe is a great solution when you want to try something sweet, but also really healthy.

The contents of such granola bars is nutritionally quite rich, and flavored with many tastes that are chosen out of a great selection of various kinds of seeds.

Granola Bar Recipe

The seeds combination I am presenting you today is my own selection, but if you want your granola bars to have some other flavor dimension, feel free to experiment.

With consuming of just one granola bar, you can release the hunger, and satisfy the need of a regular afternoon meal.

These granola bars contain a plenty of vitamins, dietary fibers, and many other components that make impact on human’s health.

Ingredients forĀ Granola Bar Recipe :

100 gr. cornflakes

100 gr. Sunflower seed

70 gr. Pumpkin seed

30 gr. sesame

30 gr. Rice flakes

100 gr. raisin

125 gr. butter

100 gr. honey

80 gr. Brown sugar

Granola Bar Recipe

Preparation of Granola Bar Recipe :

The preparation of the recipe starts with frying all the corn flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame into a frying pan at low temperature with continual stirring.

Make sure you stir it all well so that all seeds fry for a while, and not get burned.

Put butter, honey and sugar into another bowl and melt them while the seeds are cooling down.

When the mixture is ready, add the seeds that cooled down, the rice flakes and the raisin.

Mix the mixture well again, so that all seeds spread equally at the entire mixture.

Put aside mixture to cool down too, and then pour it into a small tray that is previously covered with a baking paper.

Cram the mixture well with your on wet hands, since mixture must be crammed well so that furthermore, granola bars get their full granular structure.

Cool down such prepared mixture, and create your granola bars into shapes you like by using a knife that is put under water for a while.

Try to prepare such healthy granola bars!

Their taste will make you feel amazed.

Granola Bar Recipe


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