Fantastic Chocolate Pralines !!!


Searching the quick dessert recipes noted down in my cooking notebook, I stepped by at this Fantastic Chocolate Pralines .

Fantastic Chocolate Pralines

Such dessert takes only a few minutes of your free time, but its taste is remembered for much longer within your memories.

To be honest, I really adore the recipe for many reasons: it is prepared with very few ingredients, it is quick and simple, and is quite a cheap recipe.

Ingredients for Fantastic Chocolate Pralines :

600 gr. nutella

250 gr. chocolate

200 gr. crushed hazelnuts

3 tablespoons olive oil

Fantastic Chocolate Pralines

Preparation of Fantastic Chocolate Pralines :

First, melt the chocolate in a bowl all together with some olive oil, so that they conjoin well together.

When chocolate turns into melted liquid, add nutella and stir entire mixture well, and finally add the crushed hazelnuts.

Stir the mixture well again so that hazelnuts spread well around the mixture itself.

When it all turns consistent, prepare the praline mould and fill it with such fantastic chocolate pralines.

Refrigerate such filled praline moulds so that pralines get its shape and be easily removed out of the mould.

Enjoy the unique taste of such chocolate pralines.

Fantastic Chocolate Pralines

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