Suffer From Hemorrhoids

Do You Suffer From Hemorrhoids???

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Do You Suffer From Hemorrhoids?

You’re not alone!

Suffer From Hemorrhoids

Around 50% to 85% of people face hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime. Even though we speak a little, hemorrhoids are the scourge of modern times.

In most cases, however, it requires treatment and lifestyle changes.

Take things into your own hands and start a natural treatment of hemorrhoids!

It is not easy to get rid of hemorrhoids, because you will need to change certain habits, or turn you indicated below in your everyday piles will slowly disappear.

– Take care of your diet and take as many natural fibers, as well as olive oil.

Suffer From Hemorrhoids

– Put on slightly almond oil to the area for instant relief.

– Put on baking soda on the affected area to reduce itching.

– Every morning, drink one tablespoon of olive oil for long-term benefits in the struggle against hemorrhoids.

– Chop the onion, and prepare some honey. Mix well and put it on the affected area.

– Drink chamomile tea to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Suffer From Hemorrhoids

– Cloves can help at internal and external hemorrhoids. Take the cloves and grind in a coffee mill and fill one coffee spoon.

Consume this drink with 1.5 ounces of water in the morning and evening. It is not that pleasant to drink because the smell and taste are very strong. It is drunk three to four days. Repeat it once a year.

It won’t be bad to spread it occasionally the sore spot with gel based on Aloe Vera, as it currently helps relieve hemorrhoids.

Permanent seating can cause not only back pain, but also hemorrhoids. No wonder people who spend much time sitting, often suffer from hemorrhoids.

Reduce seating, if possible. Get up every 20 minutes, take a walk, stretch out etc.

Suffer From Hemorrhoids


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