Toblerone Dessert That Pleasures All Your Senses!!!


The best homemade Toblerone I have ever tried!

It is summer and you dare for something sweet to try?

Toblerone is the right choice for you!





It is easy to prepare and it tastes really good.

A delicious piece of food that satisfies everyone.

Ingredients you need to prepare Toblerone dessert:

3 eggs

300gr. powdered sugar

125gr. butter

350gr. ground biscuits

1 tbsp honey

3 tbsp cocoa

100gr. fried sesame

1/2 tsp butter

50gr. corn flakes

100gr. nuts

100gr. dark chocolate

Preparation of Toblerone dessert :

First, fry the sesame with 1/2 tsp butter at low temperature, with stirring continually.

Put the egg whites into a bowl aside, and mix with food mixer until they conjoin.

Mix butter into another bowl, then add the egg yolks gradually one by one. Also add powder sugar and cocoa.

Mix the whites and yolks together, add ground biscuits, sesame, honey and corn flakes.

Mix it all well again, and add fine-cut nuts at the end so that all ingredients conjoin and become consistent.

Shape triangle, roulade with your own hands. You can choose different shapes, and it is all optional.

Melt dark chocolate ( you can also use white chocolate ) and 1 tsp butter aside.

Pour it all onto the mixture when it all melts well.

Make sure you cover all the mixture with chocolate, and then sprinkle some grated nuts.

You can also use walnuts, hazelnuts to decorate the top of the dessert, it is all optional since the ingredients produce the flavor of the dessert itself.

It is not much important.

What it all matters is that you have already prepared extraordinary dessert on your own.




Refrigerate Toblerone dessert for approximately two hours.

Believe me, it is a kind of dessert that pleasures all your senses.

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