raffaello candies

Delicious raffaello candies recipe that melt in your mouth !!!


Raffaello candies recipe that I am sharing with you today is an ideal dessert recipe that is prepared quickly.

The preparation of such candies lasts up to 5-6 minutes, so you get a plate full of sweet pleasure.

raffaello candies

My kinfolks are always happy when I prepare the recipe for them, and believe it or not, they empty the plate full of raffaello balls before they even cool down.

I personally adore this raffaello candies because of several reasons: they are endlessly delicious, they are prepared quickly, and cheap as well.

Let’s start the recipe!

Ingredients you need for raffaello candies :

200ml. water

200gr. semolina

200gr. sugar

150gr. coconut flour

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Around 20 hazelnuts (it’s not necessary)

3 tablespoons coconut, to roll raffaello balls

raffaello candies

Preparation of raffaello candies:

First, boil water and sugar at low temperature, so that sugar melts in it.

Add some vanilla, and then also add the semolina.

Stir continually for 3-4 minutes after you’ve add the semolina, until it boils well and puff up.

Put the bowl aside and add the coconut flour into the mixture.

Stir it all well, so that it turns into a consistent mixture.

Put the bowl aside again, so that entire mixture cools down, since you will form raffaello balls with your own hands.

When mixture is cooled down, take some quantity of it, roll it out forming a ball, and put a hazelnut into the middle.

The hazelnut is not necessary, raffaello balls will equally be delicious without it, and the recipe will be successful anyway.

Create spherical coconut-almonds out of the mixture, and the size of the balls choose on your own.

Roll each raffaello ball into coconut flour, arrange them in small cake cups, or simply at some of your kitchen plates.

Finally, put them into a fridge to cool down for a while.

Raffaello candies are just ideal and adorable!

raffaello candies

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