Delicious Pork Stew Recipe

Delicious Pork Stew Recipe !!!


Delicious Pork Stew Recipe is a daily meal which proves that no single person remained unimpressed once he/she tried it.

Delicious Pork Stew Recipe

A medley of different tastes and myriads of combinations entangled into various kinds of vegetables will make you feel amazed.

It is also a dish that your family and friends would really enjoy consuming, moreover it can be served not only for lunch, but also as some easy dinner.

Such meal tastes much better if you prepare it into a pottery dish.

Ingredients you need to prepare Delicious Pork Stew Recipe :

500 gr. pork

3-4 potatoes

1 eggplant

3 large bulbs of onion

1 marrow

2 tomatoes

5 okras

2 peppers

2-3 piquant tomato

2 carrots



1 chili (optional)


Black pepper

Delicious Pork Stew Recipe

Preparation of Delicious Pork Stew Recipe :

I would recommend that all vegetables picked must be chopped into small cubes.

First, put both finely cut onion and pepper into a pan and fry them into preheated cooking oil.

Add finely cut carrot when onion is fried well and gets some yellow color.

When carrot is also fried, add finely chopped pork meat and all the other vegetables sequentially.

Vegetables that are added at the end are the eggplant, okras and marrow.

Then, pour some water into the bowl so that it covers the vegetables, cover it with a lid or some aluminum foil, and stew it for approximately an hour and 30 minutes.

Check occasionally if vegetables are boiled enough, since such dish needs to be soft and juicy, but be careful the vegetables do not lose their shape.

When entire preparation comes to an end, remove the lid, and finally, roast it for additional 10 minutes.

Have a nice meal!

Delicious Pork Stew Recipe

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2 thoughts on “Delicious Pork Stew Recipe !!!

  1. Looks awesome
    I am new to this cooking idea and I need help with a couple questions

    What is Marrow?
    Is gr stand for 500 grams of pork?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you and its taste is also awesome you should try this recipe 🙂
      Marrow = zucchini
      For this recipe 500 grams pork will be enough.

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