The Most Delicious Gyro Your Kids Will Love It !!!


Who says that we have to travel to Greece to try some good gyro?

With this recipe you can prepare your own delicious gyro, just as you order in restaurants.

Although in several phases, its preparation is easy and won’t take much time, if you organize well.

1. First, we prepare the meat with the following ingredients:

-500 gr. fresh chicken breast

-1 tbsp curry powder

-1 tsp dried vegetables mix

-1 tbsp mustard

-salt and pepper

-50 ml. water

chicken breast

Wash the chicken breast and cut in thin slices.

Add the other spices and poach it well on low fire, to get the meat soften.

When the meat is ready, put the mustard as well.


2. All you need to prepare the dough for pita bread:

-500 gr. all-purpose flour

-150 ml. water

-100 ml. sour cream

-20 gr. baking powder



pita bread

Knead the dough with these ingredients and divide it into six balls.

Roll the dough balls with rolling pin in size of the baking tray.

pita bread4

Now you can grease the baking tray with cooking oil or butter and put them to roast at 200 degrees C around 10 minutes.


3. Prepare the topping with the following ingredients:

-300 ml. sour cream

-1 cucumber


-1 tbsp cooking oil

-dill and garlic  powder

gyro topping


For preparing the topping, grate the cucumber, add the cooking oil and the rest of the spices.

Finally, add the sour cream, stir it get all ingredients consistent and refrigerate.

4. In meantime, prepare French fries with 500 gr fried potatoes, while the meat is ready.

French Fries

When completing these procedures, it is time to stuff the gyro.

Take one pita bread, coat it with a thin layer of mustard, and roll it into cone.

Wrap the half of the cone with a napkin, and stuff the gyro.

Now its time to put several French fries, meat, French fries again and put the topping at the end.

Sprinkle it with dried oregano, and…


Bon Appétit!

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